9781492562511-1492562513-Complete Guide to Sport Education

Complete Guide to Sport Education

ISBN-13: 9781492562511
ISBN-10: 1492562513
Edition: Third
Author: Hans van der Mars, Peter Hastie, Daryl L. Siedentop
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: Human Kinetics
Format: Paperback 328 pages
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ISBN-13: 9781492562511
ISBN-10: 1492562513
Edition: Third
Author: Hans van der Mars, Peter Hastie, Daryl L. Siedentop
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: Human Kinetics
Format: Paperback 328 pages


Acknowledged authors Hans van der Mars , Peter Hastie , Daryl L. Siedentop wrote Complete Guide to Sport Education comprising 328 pages back in 2019. Textbook and eTextbook are published under ISBN 1492562513 and 9781492562511. Since then Complete Guide to Sport Education textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $ 13.13 or rent at the marketplace.


Complete Guide to Sport Education, Third Edition, offers a thoroughly updated version of the evidence-based curriculum and instruction model pioneered by Daryl Siedentop, universally acknowledged as the Father of Sport Education.

Lead author Siedentop first articulated his Sport Education model back in the late 1970s; it has evolved ever since and has been expressed through three editions of this book. This third edition is backed by substantial research that supports the idea that Sport Education is a valuable and motivating approach to delivering quality physical education experiences for students from the early elementary grades through the university years.

New and Revised Material
Complete Guide to Sport Education, Third Edition, offers readers a significant amount of revised and new material, including enhanced guidance for Sport Education programming across a year. Also noteworthy is the updated alignment of Sport Education’s goals and objectives with the SHAPE America standards and the national learning objectives from other countries.

In addition, the text provides six brand-new chapters on the following topics:
  • Including students with special needs
  • Implementing Sport Education beyond physical education (e.g., school-based after-school programs, intramurals, community-based programs, and university basic instruction programs)
  • Evidence-based research on Sport Education
  • Developing effective program-level policies and procedures
  • Managing equipment, facilities, and supplies
  • Sport Education’s link with international objectives
Unique Approach to Sport Education
Complete Guide to Sport Education represents a departure from traditional curriculum and instruction (C&I) models because it takes an effective student-centered approach, providing students with opportunities to take ownership and responsibility for various aspects of their class experiences. This approach better prepares students to be lifelong participants in healthy physical activity and sport—and to be more engaged in class.

The text targets more in-depth and authentic learning experiences than most C&I models, giving students time to develop the skills they need and to learn to fulfill the team roles required for successful seasons. This latest edition introduces new readers to the idea of Sport Education and gives previous users of the model some fresh ways to expand their seasons and make them even more engaging and attractive to their students. Through Sport Education, students are shown effective and meaningful ways to learn about sport, to take part in sport, and to view sport as something they can connect with and find meaning in.

Updated Ancillaries
Complete Guide to Sport Education comes with several useful and updated ancillaries:
  • A web resource that provides a wealth of examples to support the book content; this resource includes forms, charts, assessments, and other tools
  • A test package that houses 447 multiple-choice and short-answer questions
  • A presentation package with 225 slides outlining the book’s content, including select tables and illustrations from the book
  • An instructor guide that includes course syllabus templates for instructors of undergraduate and graduate students, and provides core course assignments, optional course assignments, graduate student course assignments, and signature assignments
Book Organization
The text is organized into three parts, with part I outlining the essential features of the Sport Education model and identifying the key aspects upon which the model is based. The importance of sport as a cultural phenomenon is then introduced to explain why it should be a part of school physical education programs. This part also addresses how to identify and select season outcomes, how to use instructional alignment to gain quality season experiences, and how to promote physical activity beyond physical education.

Part II explores all the important considerations in designing and implementing Sport Education seasons. This includes modifying games and activities, designing competition formats, selecting teams and roles, teaching fair play, developing competent players, and more.

Part III delves into key program design considerations, showing the links between Sport Education and U.S. content standards as well as learning objectives from a number of other countries, guiding readers through the assessment process, and examining the various aspects involved in managing a physical education program based on Sport Education. It also shows how to integrate classroom content with Sport Education.

Authoritative and Affordable
This popular text, whose first edition was published in 1994, is very affordable compared to similar texts. But the greatest benefit is the enduring quality of an evidence-based, student-centered text that has proven to be of high value to instructors and students alike. Through the book’s Sport Education model, students develop sport skills, grow in leadership and responsibility, and learn about the nonplaying roles of the sport experience (e.g., coach, trainer, publicist, equipment manager, choreographer). All of this leads to being more engaged in class—and to continuing a healthy physical activity engagement beyond the school years.
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