Psychology in Everyday Life

ISBN-13: 9781464109362

ISBN-10: 1464109362

Author: David G. Myers, C. Nathan DeWall

Edition: Third

Publication date:
Worth Publishers
Paperback 696 pages
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Acknowledged author David G. Myers wrote Psychology in Everyday Life comprising 696 pages back in 2014. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1464109362 and 9781464109362. Since then Psychology in Everyday Life textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $0.98 or rent at the marketplace.


David Myers' briefest introduction to psychology speaks to all students regardless of their background or level of preparedness, with no assumptions made in the vocabulary, examples, or presentation. Students of all kinds are comfortable with Myers' manageable chapters, which include careful connections to associated visuals, comparative tables, and research-based pedagogy.

For this edition, there is something completely new to a Myers text: David Myers personally selected new coauthor. Nathan DeWall's enthusiasm for teaching and writing about psychological science makes him uniquely suited to join the worlds bestselling psychology textbook author. And with about 30 more pages of coverage, this edition has become an even stronger and more complete introduction to the science of psychology for courses of all kinds. What's in the LaunchPad