Property (Aspen Student Treatise) (Aspen Treatise)

ISBN-13: 9781454882237

ISBN-10: 1454882239

Author: Joseph William Singer

Edition: 5

Publication date:
Wolters Kluwer
Paperback 1008 pages
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Acknowledged author Joseph William Singer wrote Property (Aspen Student Treatise) (Aspen Treatise) comprising 1008 pages back in 2016. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1454882239 and 9781454882237. Since then Property (Aspen Student Treatise) (Aspen Treatise) textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price or rent at the marketplace.


This overview of property law addresses both classic and contemporary topics covered in the first-year property course in a clear, accessible format. The book offers clear explanations of property law through textual treatment, with numerous examples, analytical discussion of key cases, and issues followed by hypotheticals. Emphasis is placed on disagreements among states about the applicable rules of property law, with explanations of the conflicting issues.

Key Features:

  • New section on the subprime mortgage crisis provides a contemporary look at property law (includes a discussion of the Massachusetts SJC case Commonwealth v. Fremont)
  • Material on the Harry Potter copyright case (Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. & J.K. Rowling v. RDR Books)
  • Recent Oregon land-use ballot initiatives regarding property owners' rights (Measures 37 and 49) and their impact
  • A new case on ownership issues surrounding Civil War-era papers once belonging to the governors of South Carolina (Wilcox v. Stroup)