Clinical Exercise Physiology-3rd Edition

ISBN-13: 9781450412803

ISBN-10: 1450412807

Author: Jonathan Ehrman, Paul Gordon, Paul Visich, Steven Keteyian

Edition: 3

Publication date:
Human Kinetics
Hardcover 776 pages
Medical, Nursing, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Mechanics
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Acknowledged author Jonathan Ehrman wrote Clinical Exercise Physiology-3rd Edition comprising 776 pages back in 2013. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1450412807 and 9781450412803. Since then Clinical Exercise Physiology-3rd Edition textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $13.32 or rent at the marketplace.


Clinical Exercise Physiology, Third Edition, provides a comprehensive look at the clinical aspects of exercise physiology by thoroughly examining the relationship between exercise and chronic disease. Updated and markedly revised throughout, this third edition reflects important changes that have occurred in the field. It provides professionals and students with fundamental knowledge of disease-specific pathology and treatment guidelines while also guiding readers through exercise testing and training principles for patients with chronic diseases.

The third edition of Clinical Exercise Physiology builds on information presented in the previous editions with reorganized chapters, updated and revised content, and the latest information on the key practice areas of clinical exercise physiology: endocrinology, the metabolic system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, oncology, the immune system, bone and joint health, and the neuromuscular system. The detailed chapters address 27 diseases and populations that clinical exercise physiologists encounter in their work and provide guidance for the expert care of the populations discussed. Each chapter covers the scope of the condition; its physiology, pathophysiology and treatment options; clinical considerations, including the administration of a graded exercise test; and exercise prescription.

Clinical Exercise Physiology, Third Edition, also details how clinical exercise physiologists can most effectively address issues facing special populations, including children and the elderly. Updates to this edition include the following:

• Patient case studies allow students to gain additional insight regarding the material and put their knowledge into practice.

• Revised and updated content throughout the entire book reflects the recent changes in exercise testing and training principles and practices.

• A new chapter on intellectual disability lends evidence to how the field has evolved in considering patients with more widely diagnosed diseases and conditions.

• Practical application boxes offer tips on maintaining a professional environment for client–clinician interaction, a literature review, and a summary of the key components of prescribing exercise.

• Discussion questions highlight important concepts that appear throughout the text to encourage critical thinking.

• Updated ancillaries, including a test package and presentation package plus image bank, allow instructors to more effectively convey the concepts presented in the text and prepare students for careers in the field.

Clinical Exercise Physiology, Third Edition, is the most up-to-date resource for professionals looking to enhance their knowledge on emerging topics and applications in the field. This comprehensive resource is an asset to new and veteran clinical exercise physiologists as well as those preparing for the American College of Sports Medicine Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (ACSM RCEP) certification. A must-have study tool for examination candidates, the text provides in-depth coverage of all the clinical populations that benefit from physical activity and exercise.