Business Organizations and Corporate Law

ISBN-13: 9781401870836

ISBN-10: 140187083X

Author: Neal R. Bevans

Edition: 1

Publication date:
Delmar Cengage Learning
Hardcover 624 pages
Business, Economics, Law, Business Law
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Acknowledged author Neal R. Bevans wrote Business Organizations and Corporate Law comprising 624 pages back in 2006. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 140187083X and 9781401870836. Since then Business Organizations and Corporate Law textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $31.24 or rent at the marketplace.


Business Organizations and Corporate Law is a text designed for the paralegal student; it also provides reference for the training and practicing professional in the realm of business organizations. The unique perspective of this text was created specifically with the student in mind and focuses on being reader-friendly and paralegal centered. There is a strong emphasis on the role of the paralegal in helping to create different business organizations, and the focus is on building a strong foundation on theory followed up with reinforcing practical examples and applications. The text explores the basic concepts of business from sole proprietorships to corporations, and also addresses some of the more mystifying concepts such as shareholder agreements and the business judgment rule. There are learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter to clarify the goal of the chapter, and important terms are bolded and defined upon first use in order to highlight legal terminology. Ethical blocks were created to encourage discussion of ethical issues throughout the text, and there are many case excerpts included to lead to a more thorough exploration of business law issues. Not only are the various models of business organizations explored, but also the critical role played by the paralegal and the legal team in creating and maintaining those organizations. This along with a clear balance between theory and application, as well as multiple learning tools, makes Business Organizations and Corporate Law the ideal text and reference.