ISBN-13: 9781337617390

ISBN-10: 1337617393

Author: Roger A. Arnold

Edition: 13

Publication date:
Cengage Learning
Paperback 696 pages
Economics, Macroeconomics
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Acknowledged author Roger A. Arnold wrote Macroeconomics comprising 696 pages back in 2018. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1337617393 and 9781337617390. Since then Macroeconomics textbook received total rating of 4 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $72.48 or rent at the marketplace.


Ever wonder what gives money value, why the unemployment rate rises or falls, or why some economies grow faster than others? What causes the business cycle, or inflation, or high interest rates? MACROECONOMICS, 13E answers these intriguing questions and more as you open the world of economic analysis. You master macroeconomics as memorable examples from everyday macroeconomic events illustrate how economic forces link to everyday events. This edition offers videos ideal for self-study. "Video Office Hours" digital lectures walk you through worked problems, while brief "Working with Diagrams" videos demonstrate key concepts in graphing. Digital resources Aplia and MindTap with new Adaptive Test Prep enable you to assess your personal economic understanding. Explore the latest developments in today's changing economy as you gain a thorough understanding of contemporary macroeconomics.