Smith and Roberson's Business Law

ISBN-13: 9781285428253

ISBN-10: 1285428250

Author: Richard A. Mann, Barry S. Roberts

Edition: 16

Publication date:
Cengage Learning
Hardcover 1344 pages
Business, Law, Business Law
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Acknowledged author Richard A. Mann wrote Smith and Roberson's Business Law comprising 1344 pages back in 2014. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1285428250 and 9781285428253. Since then Smith and Roberson's Business Law textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $7.91 or rent at the marketplace.


The most complete, credible, and authentic business law text available, the Sixteenth Edition of SMITH & ROBERSON'S BUSINESS LAW by Richard A. Mann and Barry S. Roberts continues a long tradition of accuracy, thoroughness, and consistent coverage of the latest issues and emerging trends. This updated classic delivers a comprehensive, detailed presentation of business law that covers all topics included in the business law section of the certified public accountant (CPA) exam. In addition, this text covers the legal responsibilities and liabilities of accountants section and the corporate governance portion of business environment and concepts section of the CPA Exam. The cases--located at the end of each chapter--offer an excellent mix of landmark and current decisions and are edited to preserve a large portion of the language of the court. Proven, comprehensive, and completely up-to-date, this trusted and thorough text will challenge and engage your students--and ensure they leave your class with a solid understanding of modern business law.