Cross-Cultural Psychology

ISBN-13: 9781138668386

ISBN-10: 1138668389

Author: Eric B. Shiraev, David A. Levy

Edition: 6

Publication date:
Paperback 454 pages
Psychology, Philosophy
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Acknowledged author Eric B. Shiraev wrote Cross-Cultural Psychology comprising 454 pages back in 2016. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1138668389 and 9781138668386. Since then Cross-Cultural Psychology textbook received total rating of 3.5 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $48.20 or rent at the marketplace.


Written in a conversational style that transforms complex ideas into accessible ones, this international best-seller provides an interdisciplinary review of the theories and research in cross‐cultural psychology. The book’s unique critical thinking framework, including Critical Thinking boxes, helps to develop analytical skills. Exercises interspersed throughout promote active learning and encourage class discussion. Case in Point sections review controversial issues and opinions about behavior in different cultural contexts. Cross‐Cultural Sensitivity boxes underscore the importance of empathy in communication. Numerous applications better prepare students for working in various multicultural contexts such as teaching, counseling, health care, and social work. The dynamic author team brings a diverse set of experiences in writing this book. Eric Shiraev was raised in the former Soviet Union and David Levy is from Southern California. Sensation, perception, consciousness, intelligence, human development, emotion, motivation, social perception, interaction, psychological disorders, and applied topics are explored from cross‐cultural perspectives.

New to the 6th Edition:

  • Over 200 recent references, particularly on studies of non-western regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, & Latin America as well as the US and Europe.
  • New chapter on personality and the self with an emphasis on gender identity.
  • New or revised chapter opening vignettes that draw upon current events.
  • More examples related to the experiences of international students in the US and indigenous people.
  • Many more figures and tables that appeal to visual learners.
  • New research on gender, race, religious beliefs, parenting styles, sexual orientation, ethnic identity and stereotypes, conflict resolution, immigration, intelligence, physical abuse, states of consciousness, DSM-5, cultural customs, evolutionary psychology, treatment of psychological disorders, and acculturation.
  • Revised methodology chapter with more attention to issues related specifically to cross-cultural research and more on qualitative and mixed methods.
  • A companion website at where instructors will find a test bank containing multiple choice, true and false, short answer, and essay questions and answers for each chapter, and a complete set of tables and figures from the text; and students will find chapter outlines, flashcards of key terms, and links to further resources and the authors' Facebook page.

Intended as a text for courses on cross-cultural psychology, multicultural psychology, cultural psychology, cultural diversity, and the psychology of ethnic groups and a resource for practitioners, researchers, and educators who work in multicultural environments.