The Mixing Engineer's Handbook: Fourth Edition

ISBN-13: 9780988839182

ISBN-10: 0988839180

Author: Bobby Owsinski

Edition: 4

Publication date:
Bobby Owsinski Media Group
Paperback 312 pages
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Acknowledged author Bobby Owsinski wrote The Mixing Engineer's Handbook: Fourth Edition comprising 312 pages back in 2017. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0988839180 and 9780988839182. Since then The Mixing Engineer's Handbook: Fourth Edition textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $16.33 or rent at the marketplace.


Mixing music —the process of combining and shaping the component parts of a song into a polished, completed recording —was once considered an unteachable art. The first edition of Bobby Owsinski’s The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook destroyed that myth forever, breaking the craft of mixing down into discrete, understandable steps and showing musicians, audio engineers, and producers exactly how to get great results in the studio. The book has since become the go-to text on mixing for recording programs in colleges and universities around the world.

Now available in a completely revised fourth edition, The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook remains the best, most up-to-date source for mastering the art and science of creating pro-quality mixes

Topics covered include:

  • The six elements of a mix, from achieving balance to creating interest
  • The secrets of equalization and “magic frequencies”
  • Advanced techniques expected of today’s mixer, like track cleanup, adjusting track timing, pitch correction, sound replacement, and automation tricks
  • Easy-to-grasp methods for adding effects, sonic layering, calculating delay times, and much more
  • The book also features interviews with some of the music industry’s most successful and celebrated audio engineers/producers/mixers, who share their expertise, insights, and philosophies about mixing.

    Learn the art of mixing from start to finish, and pick up tips and techniques from the pros, with The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, Fourth Edition.