Maternal-Newborn Nursing: The Critical Components of Nursing Care

ISBN-13: 9780803666542

ISBN-10: 0803666543

Author: Roberta Durham RN PhD, Linda Chapman RN PhD

Edition: 3

Publication date:
F.A. Davis Company
Paperback 672 pages
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Acknowledged author Roberta Durham RN PhD wrote Maternal-Newborn Nursing: The Critical Components of Nursing Care comprising 672 pages back in 2018. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0803666543 and 9780803666542. Since then Maternal-Newborn Nursing: The Critical Components of Nursing Care textbook received total rating of 4 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $44.03 or rent at the marketplace.



  • “Critical Component” boxes highlight essential information and ask students to assess their knowledge in clinical context

  • “Safe and Effective Nursing” boxes summarize important safety concepts, such as understanding medications and patient education.

  • “Evidence-Based Practice” boxes” (EBP) focus on research-based care.

  • “Case Studies” ask students to apply their knowledge to the real-life situations and concerns.

  • A complete unit, “Women’s Health,” addresses nursing care across the lifespan in both health and illness.

Davis Edge

  • 1,080 NCLEX®-style questions aligned to Maternal-Newborn Nursing with page references

  • Comprehensive rationales for both correct and incorrect answers to promote in-depth understanding and to help students understand the logic behind each question

  • Test-taking tips to help prepare students for exams and reduce their anxieties

  • Alternate-format questions that build students' confidence for these more difficult types of questions, including select all that apply (SATA), prioritization and ordered response

  • Responsive design that allows access from laptop, tablet, and mobile devices