Davis Advantage for Basic Nursing: Thinking, Doing, and Caring

ISBN-13: 9780803659421

ISBN-10: 0803659423

Author: Not Available

Edition: 2

Publication date:
F.A. Davis Company
Hardcover 1800 pages
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Acknowledged author Not Available wrote Davis Advantage for Basic Nursing: Thinking, Doing, and Caring comprising 1800 pages back in 2017. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0803659423 and 9780803659421. Since then Davis Advantage for Basic Nursing: Thinking, Doing, and Caring textbook received total rating of 4.5 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $3.00 or rent at the marketplace.


Awarded third place in the 2018 AJN Book of the Year Award in the Digital Products category Davis Advantage for Basic Nursingwww.DavisAdvantage.com Instant Access: 978-0-8036-6819-5Access Card: 978-0-8036-6818-8 LEARN–APPLY–ASSESSDavis Advantage for Basic Nursing takes an all-new approach to RN Fundamentals education by offering a unique focus on the Learn-Apply-Assess continuum. This complete solution integrates an innovative textbook with online adaptive technology to make learning personal. Together, they create a seamless experience that tracks each student’s progress and assesses their knowledge until they have mastered the concepts and are ready to apply them in class, clinical, and practice.A special code in the front of the book unlocks online Personalized Learning Plans and Quizzing for students and an interactive ebook version of the text. LEARNThe TextbookBasic Nursing: Thinking, Doing, and Caring, 2nd EditionThis student-focused text teaches students to “Think Like a Nurse” from the very first day, connecting the concepts students are learning in class to the real world in which they will practice.A consistent and concise organization along with a wealth of pedagogical features promote critical thinking and clinical decision making by emphasizing the Thinking, Doing, and Caring at the heart of professional practice they will do as nurses.In every chapter, they’ll first explore the theoretical knowledge behind the concepts, principles, and rationales. Then, they’ll study the practical knowledge involved in the processes; and finally, learn the skills and procedures. APPLYOnline Personalized Learning Plans Personalized learning plans offer multiple paths to learning success. Students are assessed on their comprehension of key topics and then are given a plan to work through based on their strengths and weaknesses. Interactive case studies, video animations and dynamic activities engage students and bring the concepts to life to help drive mastery.Click here to read the white paper. ASSESSOnline Personalized QuizzingDavis Edge’s online quizzing platform uses NCLEX®-style questions for assessment and remediation. Its interactive, question-based format provides the practice students need to master course content and improve their scores on classroom exams through a series of personalized quizzes based on each student’s performance. Click here for a preview of the text and the resources available when you purchase this book.