Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications: A Nursing Approach

ISBN-13: 9780323544900

ISBN-10: 0323544908

Author: Michele Grodner EdD CHES, Suzanne Dorner BSN RN CCRN

Edition: 7

Publication date:
Paperback 448 pages
Nursing, Nutrition
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Acknowledged author Michele Grodner EdD CHES wrote Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications: A Nursing Approach comprising 448 pages back in 2019. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0323544908 and 9780323544900. Since then Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications: A Nursing Approach textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $37.37 or rent at the marketplace.


Focusing on nutrition and nutritional therapy from the nurses’ perspective, Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications: A Nursing Approach, 7th Edition takes a wellness approach based on health promotion and primary prevention It offers guidelines with a human, personal touch, using first-hand accounts to show how nutrition principles apply to patients in real-world practice. This new edition incorporates the most current guidelines and information on key nutrition topics throughout as well as expanded coverage on the role of inflammation in common disease. A favorite of nursing students and instructors, this leading nutrition text promotes healthy diets and shows how nutrition may be used in treating and controlling diseases and disorders.

  • Personal Perspective boxes offer first-hand accounts of interactions with patients and their families, demonstrating the personal touch for which this book is known.
  • Applying Content Knowledge and Critical Thinking/Clinical Applications case studies help you learn to apply nutrition principles to real-world practice situations.
  • Social Issue boxes emphasize ethical, social, and community concerns on local, national international levels to reveal the various influences on health and wellness.
  • Teaching Tool boxes include strategies for providing nutrition counseling to patients.
  • Health Debate boxes prepare you for encountering differing opinions or controversies about food, nutrition, and health concerns.
  • Key terms and a glossary make it easy to learn key vocabulary and concepts.
  • NEW! Completely updated content throughout incorporates the latest dietary guidelines and most current information on topics such as good vs. bad fats, nutrition during pregnancy, microbiota/probiotics/prebiotics, and more.
  • NEW! Cultural Diversity and Nutrition sections in each chapter highlight health issues and eating patterns related to specific ethnic groups to help you approach, interview, and assess patients from diverse populations.
  • NEW! Enhanced coverage of health literacy equips you with strategies for enhancing patient education for those with low literacy skills.
  • NEW! Additional Nursing Approach boxes analyze realistic nutrition case studies from the perspective of the nursing process.
  • NEW! Expanded coverage of inflammation highlights its pivotal role in conditions such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.