Neuroscience: Fundamentals for Rehabilitation

ISBN-13: 9780323478410

ISBN-10: 0323478417

Author: Laurie Lundy-Ekman PhD PT

Edition: 5

Publication date:
Paperback 576 pages
Nursing, Physical Therapy
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Acknowledged author Laurie Lundy-Ekman PhD PT wrote Neuroscience: Fundamentals for Rehabilitation comprising 576 pages back in 2017. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0323478417 and 9780323478410. Since then Neuroscience: Fundamentals for Rehabilitation textbook received total rating of 3.5 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $46.98 or rent at the marketplace.


Boost your skills in planning and managing physical rehabilitation! Neuroscience: Fundamentals for Rehabilitation, 5th Edition provides a practical guide to the nervous system and how it affects the practice of physical and occupational therapy. Case studies and first-person stories from people with neurologic disorders make it easier to apply your knowledge to the clinical setting. New to this edition are new chapters on neuroanatomy imaging and neurologic examination techniques. Written by noted PT educator Laurie Lundy-Ekman, this book uses evidence-based research to help you understand neurologic disorders and treat clients who have physical limitations due to nervous system damage or disease.

  • Logical, systems approach to neuroscience makes it easier to master complex information and provides a framework for conducting a neurologic examination and evaluation.
  • A clinical perspective of neuroscience is provided through case studies, personal stories written by patients, and summaries of key features of neurologic disorders and the body systems they affect.
  • Five sections ― Overview of Neurology, Neuroscience at the Cellular Level, Development of the Nervous System, Vertical Systems, and Regions ― first show how neural cells operate, and then allow you to apply your knowledge of neuroscience.
  • Emphasis on topics critical to physical rehabilitation includes coverage of abnormal muscle tone, chronic pain, control of movement, and differential diagnosis of dizziness.
  • Hundreds of color-coded illustrations show body structures and functions across systems.
  • Clinical Notes case studies demonstrate how neuroscience knowledge may be applied to clinical situations.
  • Pathology boxes provide a quick summary of the features of neurologic disorders commonly encountered in rehabilitation practice.
  • New! Neuroimaging and Neuroanatomy Atlas chapter includes MRI and CT images.
  • NEW! Neurologic Disorders and the Neurologic Examination chapter provides detailed descriptions and photographs of techniques.
  • NEW! Diagnostic Clinical Reasoning boxes help you develop the ability to recognize patterns of signs and symptoms associated with specific diagnoses.
  • NEW! Updated content reflects the most current research findings.
  • NEW! Reader-friendly approach converts long, technical chapters into smaller, more accessible chapters.
  • NEW! Reorganized chapters progress from the cellular view to the systems view to the regional view.