Elementary Differential Geometry, Revised 2nd Edition

ISBN-13: 9780120887354

ISBN-10: 0120887355

Author: Barrett ONeill

Edition: 2

Publication date:
Academic Press
Hardcover 520 pages
Calculus, Geometry, Mathematics
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Acknowledged author Barrett ONeill wrote Elementary Differential Geometry, Revised 2nd Edition comprising 520 pages back in 2006. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0120887355 and 9780120887354. Since then Elementary Differential Geometry, Revised 2nd Edition textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $13.94 or rent at the marketplace.


Written primarily for students who have completed the standard first courses in calculus and linear algebra, Elementary Differential Geometry, Revised 2nd Edition, provides an introduction to the geometry of curves and surfaces.

The Second Edition maintained the accessibility of the first, while providing an introduction to the use of computers and expanding discussion on certain topics. Further emphasis was placed on topological properties, properties of geodesics, singularities of vector fields, and the theorems of Bonnet and Hadamard.

This revision of the Second Edition provides a thorough update of commands for the symbolic computation programs Mathematica or Maple, as well as additional computer exercises. As with the Second Edition, this material supplements the content but no computer skill is necessary to take full advantage of this comprehensive text.

  • Over 36,000 copies sold worldwide
  • Accessible, practical yet rigorous approach to a complex topic--also suitable for self-study
  • Extensive update of appendices on Mathematica and Maple software packages
  • Thorough streamlining of second edition's numbering system
  • Fuller information on solutions to odd-numbered problems
  • Additional exercises and hints guide students in using the latest computer modeling tools