Theories of Personality

ISBN-13: 9780077861926

ISBN-10: 0077861922

Author: Jess Feist, Gregory Feist

Edition: 9

Publication date:
McGraw-Hill Education
Paperback 672 pages
Psychology, Education
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Acknowledged author Jess Feist wrote Theories of Personality comprising 672 pages back in 2017. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0077861922 and 9780077861926. Since then Theories of Personality textbook received total rating of 3.5 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $18.29 or rent at the marketplace.


Theories of Personality provides a comprehensive foundation on the nature of personality theory, as well as its contributions to science. Coverage of each theory encompasses a biographical sketch of each theorist, related research, and applications to real life. Written by three preeminent psychology professors―Jess Feist, Gregory J. Feist, and Tomi-Ann Roberts―this program is engaging and student-friendly. The ninth edition provides new studies and sections on topics such as ego identity, gender studies, mindfulness and self-actualization, and more. The Connect course for this offering includes SmartBook, an adaptive reading and study experience which guides students to master, recall, and apply key concepts while providing automatically-graded assessments.McGraw-Hill Connect® is a subscription-based learning service accessible online through your personal computer or tablet. Choose this option if your instructor will require Connect to be used in the course. Your subscription to Connect includes the following:• SmartBook® - an adaptive digital version of the course textbook that personalizes your reading experience based on how well you are learning the content.• Access to your instructor’s homework assignments, quizzes, syllabus, notes, reminders, and other important files for the course.• Progress dashboards that quickly show how you are performing on your assignments and tips for improvement.• The option to purchase (for a small fee) a print version of the book. This binder-ready, loose-leaf version includes free shipping.Complete system requirements to use Connect can be found here: