Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices

ISBN-13: 9780073104645

ISBN-10: 0073104647

Author: Safa Kasap

Edition: 3

Publication date:
McGraw-Hill Education
Hardcover 768 pages
Chemistry, Engineering, Education
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Acknowledged author Safa Kasap wrote Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices comprising 768 pages back in 2005. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0073104647 and 9780073104645. Since then Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price or rent at the marketplace.


Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices, Third Edition, is a greatly enhanced version of the highly successful text Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices, Second Edition. It is designed for a first course on electronic materials given in Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Physics and Engineering Physics Departments at the undergraduate level.

The third edition has numerous revisions that include more beautiful illustrations and photographs, additional sections, more solved problems, worked examples, and end-of-chapter problems with direct engineering applications. The revisions have improved the rigor without sacrificing the original semiquantitative approach that both the students and instructors liked and valued. Some of the new end-of-chapter problems have been especially selected to satisfy various professional engineering design requirements for accreditation across international borders. Advanced topics have been collected under Additional Topics, which are not necessary in a short introductory treatment.