Police&Society (3rd Edition) Text Only

ISBN-13: 9780006849445

ISBN-10: 000684944X

Author: Roy R. Roberg

Edition: 3rd

Publication date:
Roxbury Publishing Company
Paperback 620 pages
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Acknowledged author Roy R. Roberg wrote Police&Society (3rd Edition) Text Only comprising 620 pages back in 2005. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 000684944X and 9780006849445. Since then Police&Society (3rd Edition) Text Only textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price or rent at the marketplace.


The Third Edition of POLICE&SOCIETY offers a comprehensive introduction to policing in the United States. Author Roy Roberg is joined by prominent policing scholars Kenneth Novak and Gary Cordner. Their thoroughly revised text is both descriptive and analytical in nature--covering the process of policing, police behavior, organization, operations, and historical perspectives.To adequately explain the complex nature of police operations in a democracy, the authors have integrated the most important theoretical foundations, research findings, and contemporary practices in a comprehensible, yet analytical, manner. Contemporary issues and future prospects of policing are fully addressed. The text features an emphasis on the relationshipbetween the police and the community--as well as how this relationship has evolved over time. The impact of this evolution on current police practices, especially with respect to community policing and policing in the post-9/11 era, is explored.The new edition has been substantially updated and revised, with four new or significantly revised chapters: "Community Policing," "Legal Issues," "Higher Education," and "Contemporary and Emerging Issues."Importantly, new "Voices From the Field" boxes have been added to each chapter. Here, nationally known police officials provide their insights into contemporary police practices and problems in a thought-provoking format.Topics New to the Third Edition:Police auditor systemsEarly warning systemsNew forms of police stressorsOfficer safety and fatality reductionTerrorism and post-9/11 policingGlobalizationPolicing and the mentally illSearch and seizureLegal issues in interrogationsCivil liabilityContemporary performance measuresRacially biased policing/racial profilingThis Book does not include the CD-ROM.