Why Social Media and You Should Take a Break in the Relationship?


Summer is the best season to switch off and relax, and it’s never been more fitting to take a break off social media. If you simply can’t imagine spending a day without social media, and if you feel that your relationship has become a little bit too controlling from their side, here’s a whole list of reasons to have a bit less of them in your life below:

  • More time

Imagine how much time you spend browsing through the feeds of different social networks, consuming information of dubious usefulness. Dare to ask yourself: do you really need to read these “13 Hilarious Tweets about Pokemon”? If you can happily live without this knowledge, then you may spend this time on something else: catch up with a friend, take a hike or read a book.

  • Being present

You sure might have encountered this situation (or even lived it): attending an event only to take pictures for Instagram or Snapchat, without really caring about what’s going on. If you reduce the amount of tweets about things in order to impress someone, you’ll get a chance to impress yourself and remember these things even better than a hundred photos would.

  • Less caring

Being anxious about the number of “likes” your selfie will gain or if your crush will appreciate it is, to be honest, not very healthy. We get hooked on the flow of constant approval from friends and feel down when we don’t get it. Now’s the chance to get off this “like” addiction and stop needing constant validation.

  • Happiness

Sometimes when you look at your social network feed, it feels like all your friends are living the dream and having the best lives ever, always full of impressions. It turns out like this because we want to create the most flattering image of ourselves to the outside world, but in most cases it’s very different from the real life. When you quit the process of constantly comparing yourself to others, you might feel much happier and simply be yourself without looking over your shoulder and feeling envious. Enjoy having a carefree summer!

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