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Looking Fashionable on a Budget

If you are a student or a young professional who is passionate about fashion and wants to have a smart style but barely manages to survive after meeting the costs of rent, food and transport and can afford only cheap clothes, then you should be really informed about what options are left for you. Don’t forget that you can really cut down your study expenses by buying used textbooks or just renting them from BooksRun — you can use the saved money on fashionable clothes! Of course, it is much easier to go to the main shopping street or to the biggest shopping malls in your city and check out the mainstream fashion brands but it will be stressful for your wallet and you have the danger to be dressed like everyone else.

If you want to meet your monthly budget and at the same time look like a fashion model (or at least make an effort to) we suggest you a couple of options:

  • Cheap clothing stores online
  • Shopping at cheap online megastores (ASOS, AliExpress)
  • Second-hand stores
  • Fashion outlets (if you still have some money)
  • Checking your family’s and friends’ wardrobes

Cheap Clothes Online

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When you are determined to avoid black holes in your budget, consider the following online stores which offer cheap clothes for both men and women. Also, don’t forget that you are entitled to many student discounts — check them out before going hunting for your dream clothing!

  • Hm.com

Start your quest for cheap trendy clothes from H&M. This legendary fashion brand is known to everyone for its low prices and regular sales. They have an impressive range of clothes that will suit any occasion: whether you are shopping for a night out, for your uni days or for cheap gym clothes, you will satisfy your needs.

  • Prettylittlething.us

Another useful online store to know if you are searching for cheap girls’ clothes: there are sections on the website with tops $7 and under or $8 dresses. It is so hard to resist this deal! This cheap clothing online option offers matching sets, simple crop tops, OTT dresses at the lowest prices ever!

  • Target.com

If there are any Target lovers among the readers of this blog, then you love as much as we do their cute clothes. Once you see them, you cannot wait to wear them immediately! The striped jumpsuit being the highlight of the fashion season this year, is produced by several Target’s clothing brands like A New Day, Xhilaration and Universal Thread making your choice options just immense!

  • Princesspolly.com

This is a true gem for shopaholics which is relatively unknown on the Internet. Yet, they have a very extensive choice of fashionable clothes. If you are on the hunt for some cute dresses for day and evening occasions or you need a decent top for your Instagram shots, you can find it here for less than $60!

  • Lulus.com

Their website has different sections with pricier items as well as more affordable styles. For example, you can get a sexy knot dress with cut-outs for $42! Not a bad bargain! Other items that might attract your attention are $19 tank tops and $15 skater dresses. There is an option to order the items from the lowest to the highest price which will simplify your life when you are trying to save money!

  • Uniqlo.com

If you are looking for monochrome pieces for your wardrobe, or you are that type of person who gets used to wearing certain things, prefers cheap clothes, and wants to buy a replica of the same thing, then Uniqlo is your place to go! Identical items are produced in a wide range of colors making it easier to guard your style. Boyfriend jeans, cardigans, culottes, cut-off shorts are offered at prices that are rarely above $50.

  • Missguidedus.com

If you tend to have some sort of an edgier style, then ripped jeans combo at Missguided can be your thing! The shop is designed for those people who are addicted to fashion and not afraid to take a risk when choosing a new item into their wardrobe. The clothing lines can suit both curvy and straight types of figures. Also, there is a decent choice of swimwear, pyjamas and underwear.

  • Tobi.com

Full of flirty clothes at affordable prices, Tobi will let you experiment with different styles to refresh your wardrobe! Make sure you follow their website’s regular sales of 60% off! You can get a beautiful snake-print skirt for $28 whereas the original price was $72!

  • Fashionnova.com

Kylie Jenner and Cardie B adore Fashion Nova! This website offers some of the most fashionable jeans models at cheap prices of just $40! Other bestsellers include bodycon dresses, lingerie, swimwear and activewear at the same low prices.

Ashley Devonna is the Diva for shopping on a budget and looking fashionable at the same time. Check out this blogger’s advice on best cheap online clothes shopping:

Cheap Online Megastores

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  • Forever21.com

Most likely you have already shopped at Forever 21 and you know that it offers loads of inexpensive clothes that fit absolutely different styles: casual style, plus size fashion, items for modern street fashion looks, the 80s and 90s fashion, men’s fashion, men’s casual style, cheap workout clothes. You can find embroidered tops, flowy maxis, and colorful sets that would make a great addition to your summer wardrobe. The store is really cheap so you will be able to get a number of clothing items on a modest sum of money. If you like colors, then this website is a perfect place for you to find trendy bright colors and street-style fashion.

  • us.asos.com

One of the all-time favourites for saving shopaholics, ASOS can satisfy any budget, any fashion style and any textile preference. If you need an outfit for an engagement party, wedding, music festival or for a hot date, ASOS is your place to go! Casual or formal, items imitating fashion show clothes by famous designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology or cheap work clothes – your choice is limitless! Make ASOS part of your life and style and you will master the trick of looking trendy on a budget!

  • AliExpress.com

The brainchild of Jack Ma and part of this AliBaba Group, AliExpress has become an alternative for Amazon if you are saving money. You can order anything you want including replicas of the infamous Birkin bag or of those popular white Gucci snickers at a fraction of the original price. The items will be produced by the Chinese masters and delivered straight to your door. Since the order is produced in China, you might end up waiting for some time until your clothes arrive.  Once you visit their website, you will no longer puzzle over where to buy cheap clothes online.

  • walmart.com

This is another well-known megastore that might be selling not super-fashionable clothes but which offers a decent range of khaki dresses and other on-trend inexpensive clothes. There are new affordable apparel brands associated with Walmart like Time and Tru as well as Terra & Sky which might turn Walmart into your favourite go-to fashion store!

Second-Hand Stores

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If you have checked the online stores we provided above and you found nothing that interests you, second-hand clothing can be a bet for you. The culture of shopping for used clothes is underestimated and sometimes even poorly viewed which is a real shame! If you bump into a good second-hand store, you can find real treasures! You might find barely worn pieces from the 70s or 80s by famous designers like Yves Saint Laurent or Oscar de la Renta that will turn you into a queen of the evening or a dandy! It should be noted though that such cheap clothing stores are usually located in big cities with history like New York or Chicago in the US or in London or Paris if we are speaking about Europe. So once you are visiting the Big Apple, do not skip the second-hand clothing store if you see one! You never know what gems might be hidden there! Moreover, second-hand shopping is sustainable — it is one of the best ways to go green and save money along the way.

Fashion Outlets

Fashion Outlets is a response of well positioned and quite pricy clothing brands to mass market needs. These are the places to get all these expensive clothes for cheap. Recently it has become quite widespread for brands like Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker, MaxMara to sell their items from previous collections at significantly reduced prices. Depending on the brand, you can find these discounted pieces either online or in specifically built outlets which are normally located at the outskirts of large cities like Fashion Outlets of Chicago, for example. If you like being immaculately dressed but you cannot afford the latest Dolce Gabbana outfit, outlets can be your salvation! Do not forget to check the section “outlet” on the websites of well-known brands where you can find cool items at a fraction of the original price!

Friends’ and Family’s Wardrobes

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Do not underestimate your grandma’s or your mother’s wardrobe—surely, they used to have plenty of fashionable clothing that will make you look chic today. The important point here is to be realistic about your parameters and to select fashion items to compliment your own figure! Make sure that the sleeves and the trouser-legs are of decent length! Also, be careful with worn sweaters that have lint and fuzz all over them because they always look cheap!

Also, you should analyse your wardrobe and select the pieces that you no longer need or like and then you can exchange them for your friends’ items that they have no need of. It is fun and it lets you transform your style with no extra expenses!

Useful Fashion Advice

If you are determined not to break the bank but to get a fashionable wardrobe within your budget, you might find the following tips useful:

  • Know exactly what fashion style you REALLY want
  • Review what you have in your wardrobe already
  • Sell or exchange your fashion items
  • Buy more classics items
  • Set a fashion budget for a month

If your goal is not just to look stylish but be an expert in both fashion theory and history, you may find this fashion book inspiring and instructive. As with clothes, you don’t necessarily have to buy them at extremely high prices; there are plenty of affordable options. If you are an aspiring fashion designer, you may find this book on sewing and clothes design extremely useful, too. 

Here is some extra piece of advice from the fashion blogger Justine Leconte who shares her ideas about looking fashionable on a budget.

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