Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level

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Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level 1

Whether your plan for the summer includes long days on a beach or short breaks on a couch, having a reading list to hand is always nice. We’ve checked the most exciting books recommended to read this summer and are ready to share them with you. Surely enough, the books we’re highlighting are the ones that appealed to us for some reason or another. You can check the top summer 2022 reads for each reading level on websites that specialize in book reviews.

Top Summer Fiction Books

Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level 2

Night of the Living Rez

By Morgan Talty

Night of the Living Rez is a story collection that many have been anticipating. It is a book about youth, friendship, and family set in a Native community in Maine. Morgan Talty tells the story of David—one Penobscot boy—creating a portrait of him, his family, and friends. The 12 stories in the book provide a glimpse of David as a child, teen, and adult. The book is tender and compassionate and, at the same time, heavy and grim. It’s a brilliant picture of how it is to be a Native American in contemporary America.

Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level 3

The Hawk’s Way

By Sy Montgomery

The Hawk’s Way will be a great companion if nature in general and birds specifically fascinate you. It will also make you look at the sky one more time, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Sy Montgomery’s love for the beautiful and dangerous creatures can be perceived from the opening line. It started with her encounter with Jazz, a four-year-old, female Harris’s hawk, and grew into her study of these proud magnificent creatures. In her book, you’ll find a story about hawks, written with passion.

Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level 4

Several People Are Typing

By Calvin Kasulke

If you are not tired of everything work-related too much to read about corporate culture, Several People Are Typing is an excellent choice. Constructed entirely of messages on Slack, this funny and addictive story is a reflection of what we now face every day: submerging further into the online world. Gerald, a PR company employee, is stuck inside his company’s Slack channel, or at least, his consciousness is. While he’s trying to exit the channel and get back to his body, his company goes through all sorts of problems, the catastrophe with the dog food company including. A hugely entertaining summer read, in our opinion.

Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level 5

The Maid

By Nita Prose

The last recommendation on our fiction list to read in summer is a mystery. The Maid features Molly, an eccentric 25-year-old woman who’s obsessed with and excellent at cleaning (but not so at socializing and fitting in) and works as a housekeeper at a high-end hotel. One day, she becomes a murder suspect after finding one of the guests dead. An easy target of suspicion due to her eccentric ways, she decides to prove her innocence with the help of a few friends. The book promises an interesting ending, and overall, it’s a cozy mystery you’ll definitely enjoy.

Top Summer Non-fiction Books

Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level 6

The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup

By Susan Orlean

If you prefer non-fiction this summer, we have a book that you’ll definitely like. The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup is not a single story but rather a collection of profiles of various people—famous and not at all. You’ll meet eccentric and extraordinary characters like Cristina Sánchez, the first female matador of Spain, as well as a typical 10-year-old boy from suburban New Jersey. If you agree with the author that “people are so interesting,” the book will give you a great deal of pleasure.

Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level 7

Voice of the Fish: A Lyric Essay

By Lars Horn

Another non-fiction read recommendation we have for you this summer is The Voice of the Fish, which is a personal essay collection and a memoir of Lars Horn, where through marine history, theology, and myths about sea life, they try to find answers to the questions about their body and gender. It is a trans autobiography where the love of aquariums is interwoven with questions of the body and gender, where the uniformity of bodily experience is reexamined, and the entire reading experience feels like swimming.

Top Summer Books for Young Adults

Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level 8

I Must Betray You

By Ruta Sepetys

An unusual suggestion for a summer read. Yet, we suppose getting to know about complicated topics (communism, dictatorship, oppression, fear) and learning about the little-known history of a European country (Romania) will do any young person good. I Must Betray You is historical fiction, but the story is based on real facts from the lives of Romanian people when Nicolae Ceaușescu was in power. It features 17-year-old Cristian Florescu, who is blackmailed by the secret police to become an informer. It was hard to be a rebel in Bucharest in 1989, but he agreed to spy on his friend’s family to be able to oppose the regime. The story is gripping and a must-read for any young person. We are quite positive about it.

Top Summer 2022 Reads for Each Reading Level 9


By Danie Stirling

We decided to end the list on a romantic note. Therefore, meet Crumbs, which is expected to be released in July. A romantic YA graphic novel from WEBTOON, it’s a coming-of-age story of friendship and first love where Ray meets Laurie… Ray has the power to see the present (not the future yet), and Laurie is a barista and musician. They at a magic bakery and discover how it is to love for the first time, and they also have to face challenges—each their own—to make their dreams come true. Sweet and romantic summer read.

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