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If you are a new student to be going to college this fall, you need to understand what you have signed up for! It is a new chapter of your life and it is useful to find out about other people’s experience to get a better idea of what student’s life is like. Now at the age of Facebook it is popular among students to publish posts about their academic and extra-curricular achievements, personal problems, dorm friends, sports activities etc… It is interesting to read this information but very often it provides just an abstract from a certain person’s life. It is hard to understand the impact of this particular event on their overall life and their experiences at college.

At the same time there are students who publish on a regular basis news about their university and their involvement in all sorts of university activities. It is a very useful piece of information because such blogs give insight into a regular student’s life. By reading a couple of different blogs you can track certain familiarity among different experiences of different students and typical problems they encounter. In such a way you will be able to formulate your own opinion about what to expect in the near future when you embark on your personal college journey.

Below we have prepared a list of top college blogs that will be useful for students who attend all sorts of academic institutions including universities, state, and technical colleges. And don’t forget about the BooksRun blog! We strive to prepare the best tips for college students: where else would you learn how to spot counterfeit books, how to earn money as a college student, or how to find a book if you don’t know the title?

1. Huffington Post College

This blog provides plenty of information about the latest political decisions impacting universities and students, college rankings, tuition fees, scholarship tips, and many other topics that are useful for students and even their parents. It is a mixture of professional journal articles that are easy to read and which are written about the most important issues that concern students’ lives. Correspondents writing for this blog work for various American media which makes the Huffington College blog a true gem devoid of particular political affections.

Some of the topics provide very useful advice for students who struggle to pay for their tuition fees and who do not have the best grades either. There are students’ comments about how they managed to get a scholarship without having the top GPA results which is highly practical! Or if you were late for your dorm application – there are still ways to improve the situation and it is all written for you there by the people who have been through a similar experience. Therefore, this blog is a decent portion of useful and up-to-date information for college students!

2. The College Survival Handbook

This blog is created by the alumnus of East Carolina University. It is not the most up-to-date content but nevertheless it provides an interesting insight into college life, friend relationships, and many other topics that are important for all students. The most often covered topics include student budgeting tips, study advice, dorm life insights, “how-to” instructions as well as some useful ideas about internship hunting.

3. The Unofficial Stanford Blog

If you dream about attending one of the Ivy League Universities but you have no idea what it is like, then this blog is all you need! It is moderated by Stanford students and is an important source of information for students from all over the world: it features study tips from students who really succeed at what they are doing, their opinions about news, humorous anecdotes, and some dorm stories, of course.

4. The College Solution

With such a name for the blog, there is no need to hesitate about the practicality of its posts! The tips and advice offered here will help you to get most of your college life. You can get valuable insights about early application advice, US college rankings, advice on how to treat rejection from elite universities, and many other things that all students and their parents can relate to. It is particularly useful for to-be-college-students, i.e. high school students who are about to make the decision about their educational institution. Some of the covered topics seek their parents’ attention directly: expected family contribution, rankings of best and worst professors at colleges, college waiting lists, etc.

5. Great College Advice

This blog has been created by a professional consulting firm that specialises in education. Most of the material is dedicated to college rankings, subject majors, college admissions but there are also some students guests posts as well. The blog is well organised and easy to navigate and is being regularly updated. There is a section with “Free College Advice” which explains non-trivial things about how to get into top universities, how to face student debt problems, real GPA understanding, what athletics can do for your college admissions and so on. There are articles which can help you understand how to organise your last years at high school in order to have a more attractive admissions profile – like this one for example.

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