Top 6 ways to gain extra cash during summer holidays

Summer is at its peak and hot days tune us up to a bit idle atmosphere when all what all college students need and wish is to have a fresh air breath without monotonous classes and tough grinding away at studies. However, the tuition fee for college/university education does not become more transparent or reduces itself as debts after graduation will still weigh up your pockets in the future. So why not use your summer time both rationally and with fun?! This chart is totally devoted to those guys who are eager to combine pleasant things with useful ones demonstrating their willingness to succeed in career ladder starting with some initial positions that one day will lead to the top. Let’s discover the ways that help gain extra cash either without dropping classes/courses or during summer time allocating your too much spare time sensibly.

6th place: Become Uber Driving Specialist


The best candidate for this position must correspond to the following criteria: a. have a driving license; b. have a 3 years’ driving experience with a clean driving record; c. have a criminal background check passed; d. have your own transport / or the parent’s one and desirably not bicycle; e. download Uber application and have necessary registration forms submitted; f. have passion for speed; g. have enough deposits of jokes and anecdotes in your pocket for entertaining clients during traffic jams…and that’s all!

There are a lot of benefits working with Uber as the candidate have flexible hours due to his own set schedule and you may control your income depending on the working load. So, do not hesitate and use Uber.

5th place: Become a Genealogist


If the previous way of earning for a living seems too extreme, this profession will provide you with a perfect chance not only to explore your own tricky family roots, but become a specialist in the subject you might study at college. The schedule won’t suffer either as you may control your own income doing as much or as little work upon your desire and consideration. However, being quite precise and sticking to tedious work with the combination of biology and genetics principles requires a lot of efforts from a candidate who has chosen to follow such a carrier path. Once you have an access to the library archives, that won’t be a hurdle any more on the way to success.

Up to a point, setting up your own professional virtual storefront will allow you to attract plenty of customers where you may establish service quotes ranging from $70 to $700 per project. Nice extra cash, huh? Thus, your career will be given a good start from the position of a freelancer. Upwork or Freelancer sites will help you advertise your sole proprietorship.

4th place: Be an Eye-Catching Blogger


There is no secret that with the advent of social networking young people spend more and more time surfing the Net making countless attempts to discover ugly truth about various tempting and extravagant incidents transpiring around us. Different sites also allow to register any account and start describing any cases you wish in your own blog. And you are even not required to have a degree in journalism to express the opinion of your own about the deal you are worried about. You won’t even notice how fast your sharpy ideas will be torn into quotations and citations in case of luck!

Regarding currency, such a blog portfolio may become a good source of extra income from affiliate marketing while creating your own audience of readers and followers may well increase the popularity of your personality. It’s a perfect way to monetize you blog setting up affiliate links to products that may be easily purchased from other venues. Once your follower clicks on that link, he will be automatically transferred to the merchant site where the item is sold. After the successful transaction you get a percentage of the proceeds. Easy and honest way to store extra cash and cover your study expenses in the future.  Here is the link to study more details about blog marketing and how much cash you may earn from that alternative.

3rd place: Be a Dog Walker and Pet Groomer


Future vets won’t leave that opportunity without consideration that offers much active work. Taking into account that it’s not only a good professional experience, but that particular job may also bring benefits from the point of moral satisfaction, relaxation and spiritual inspiration. There are plenty of pet owners who really worry about their favorites and their lonely leisure time at home while they do monotonous work in the office. They are eager to pay you extra cash for your services just to please and entertain a little their “sofa” animals.

Advertising of your services won’t be a problem due to various alternative sources to promote yourself as a professional in that sphere. For example, you can set up most of these gigs such as offering to drive pets to vet or grooming appointments with a bit of networking, word-of-mouth and maybe a few posters around your neighborhood. Apart from that, to increase your efficiency in advertising your own business, you may try such applications as DogVacay and BarknBorrow to connect with pet owners who might want your services. Please note that your income will totally depend on the complexity of services offered. So, start to be hardworking!

2nd place: Become a Professional Photographer


Modern technologies do not leave a chance to a failure in that sphere. Up-to-date cameras can do a detailed job for you perfectly, you must only have a well-focused eye, be a creator of necessary background and be able to apply the abundance of creative ideas for photos. To make a portfolio, just invite your friends to pose for you and success is guaranteed.

Here are some steps for your to gain extra cash out of this opportunity: there is a nice application Foap that is eager to process the material offered and pay money for the job done. What you need to do is to sign up for an account, take a quality photo and upload it to Foap’s marketplace. Someone buys the license to your photo for $10. You make $5. Perfect deal, right? Nevertheless, there are some limitations such as no Instagram shots are allowed, photo size should correspond to their regulations mentioned and some others as Foap developers should accept your photos first to make them be purchased.  Still, no big deal, start to collect your cash without any doubts!

1st place: Be a Seller of Textbooks to


The easiest opportunity to gain cash is offered by the venue where you can simply quote the old, unnecessary or used college books for money. Tones of textbooks and workbooks piling up on your shelves may be also a good source of extra income if the condition of the items correspond to selling product. All you need to do is to create your own account and start inspecting the item condition. If everything suits the rules, simply collect your cash with these guys!

In order to sell a book or buy one you should type on the main page the ISBN of the book you want to buy into the search box and click the Search button. If this book is in stock you will see three options written on the right — “sell for …”, “buy for … ” and “rent for …”. If there is no such a book you’re looking for at the moment, you will only have an opportunity to create a buyback order. Do not hesitate to contact the BooksRun customer support that will help you to resolve any issue and bring maximum profit to you!

So, enjoy the opportunities and gain extra cash with our tips! Hope to be useful!)