Tips on How to Keep up with College Homework

Homework. Homework. Homework. Let’s get it straight, no one likes homework. Who even invented that stuff anyway? Like going to school wasn’t enough work as it is, now we have to bring the work home to us! At some point, I thought that on completing high school, that would be the last I would see of the dreaded homework, but boy was I in for a shock after my first day of college. It seems there’s just no escaping it, and in college, it’s a lot worse because there’s just too many of them; thousands of pages of books to read, essays to write, and let’s not forget the deadlines, and you have to keep track of all this by yourself! But hey, don’t let this discourage you. You’re not the first to experience this tedious workload of college. Billions of students have gone through this way before you, and if they survived, then why can’t you? That’s why I listed a few tips below that are bound to help you keep it together and learn to tame this wild beast called homework!

Write it down.

I always have a small jotter with me that comes in quite handy for this. Many college courses have weekly or even sometimes daily assignments that you need to complete. You should make a checklist by writing down each assignment in accordance to their deadline, and by prioritizing them you make sure that you complete the urgent ones first. Prioritize your homework by thinking about their deadline and how long it will take to do each assignment. I always use a jotter because it’s convenient and very easy to access, but you can opt for other options like your smartphone, a document on your laptop, a calendar, etc. Just make sure it’s easily accessible and you can check it once a day to update it and see if you’re on track.

Create a study-gang (I mean group ☻)

You can’t expect to get through college as a lone-wolf. At some point, you’re gonna need the help of others. That’s why it’s advisable to create a study group together with people in your class or from the same college. This will enable you to share information as well as get enlightenment on subjects you have absolutely no knowledge of. Remember what they say about two heads being better than one? Well, forget that and believe me, it’s way better when it’s even more than two heads. Plus, hiring a tutor can also help boost the achievement of your study group because they can explain in more details and help you understand the concepts.

Create the perfect environment.

I can not stress enough how much your environment really affects your ability to concentrate. When your environment is calm and tidy, you can focus better, and this, in turn, leads to higher quality and more efficient study time. Make sure your room is all clean and tidied up, and get rid of any sort of distraction. If you find it hard studying at home, then try other options like the park, your local library, maybe even at your friend’s place.

Avoid distractions.

Yes, put your phone down. I’m sure Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter won’t even notice your absence. It can wait. Put your phone on silent mode, or if you fear you might get tempted then switch it off completely. If you think that still won’t work, then lock it in a safe and toss the keys into the Atlantic Ocean. Minor distractions are the last thing you need because not only do they make you lose concentration and make it hard to focus, you also end up spending a lot more time than you planned to on homework, with no progress! If you’re determined to work efficiently, then it’s crucial to set all forms of distraction aside.

Take a break.

Remember that you’re human, and every person has their limits. This is why taking a break is essential. I usually follow the routine of studying for an hour and taking a break for 30 minutes after each hour. You can use the time to go out for a walk, take in some fresh air to clear your mind, make something delicious to eat, play some games, or even meditate. This will get you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle that assignment.

Do something fun!

This is where the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” comes to mind. Take it as a way to make up for the hours you spent devoted to your homework. Now it’s time to put that all behind you and do something nice for yourself. It could be anything, from getting hooked on a video game, ordering pizza and binging on a really cool show on Netflix, or just a very looonnnnnng nap. You definitely deserve it for all your hard work. And such a reward can even serve as an incentive to make your study more efficiently!