Tips for College Freshmen: Make It Memorable!

College Freshman

The end (of the summer) is nigh! It’s already time for freshmen to buy textbooks, learn about new dorm roommates, and simply get ready for the college in all senses. Everyone standing in front of this new experience does not really know what to expect, and for sure you will encounter all the good and the bad sides of being a college student. But in order to make these years more memorable, you can engage into many activities which can expand your horizons and make your life more fun.

  • Meet new people

Don’t be afraid of going out and making friends, socializing is a skill that will always be useful. Also, getting to know a bunch of new people makes you look at things from a different perspective, and college is a perfect place for this.

  • Join interest clubs

College is also a great place to meet people that have something in common with you, whether it be rubik’s cube enthusiasts, guitar players, or beer pong champions.

  • Intramural sports

Playing any sport on campus will allow you to stay fit and avoid freshman fifteen. It’s a good opportunity to spend some active time with friends and take a break from studying as well.

  • Enjoy nightlife

Nightlife does not only include getting wasted in the clubs and bars (though it is definitely a big part of college life). You can also visit a gig of your favorite band or a local play.

  • Go abroad to study

Europe (or any other continent) is calling! Check out the scholarships at foreign universities and set on an exciting trip full of memories waiting to happen.

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