Tips for a Wonderful Easter!

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Tips for a Wonderful Easter! 1

Easter is coming! Easter is here! In honor of it, we invite you to join us and celebrate with a little treasure: our special promo code: EASTER17 (and you don’t even have to go on a hunt)! Meanwhile, here are some tips that will help you have an amazing Easter.


Despite becoming highly commercial over the past ten-something years, Easter is a genuinely family holiday that requires well-thought-out preparation. First of all, think about the company you are going to spend it with and the place. Go for all the Easter-themed decorations and don’t be afraid to overdo it: creating a festive atmosphere does require a lot of details.

Second of all, of course, the food. Even though stores of all sizes gladly offer mechanically shaped and baked Easter cakes and chocolate bunnies and peeps, making one with your own hands together with your little sister or brother will make it taste sweeter and give you some precious and memorable quality time with the ones closest to you. Just think about yourself at their age: remember how every holiday seemed like magic and people actually used to do fun things together? See, now you are able to recreate that feeling for the little ones and remind the grown-ups that wonders are all around. Another magical trick would be to cook a literature-inspired meal: something from Harry Potter, for example!


Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays that has been celebrated from generation to generation. And though in its basis it has the religious aspect, the way you celebrate it actually embodies the values it projects. Dyeing Easter eggs with your family, preparing the meal together, arguing about politics … oh wait, the last one is not a set tradition but rather an inevitable part of any family gathering. Just remember to respect each other’s differences and be kind to one another.
I’m sure you already have your own family’s Easter traditions, but remember that it’s never too late (or early) to start a new one or at least to try something new. Like even though there are hundreds of ideas to decorate the eggs with various artificial substances and materials, you can always turn to nature and choose the ingredients that will be truly organic (berries, fruits, spices, and more). And all that can even be turned into a quest with a winner chosen by the honorable judges (your parents, of course).

Treasure Hunt

Well, set your imagination free and use all your creativity to make the Easter scavenger hunt truly exciting and fun. Who said you should only hide Easter eggs? Who said it should be simple? I mean, just think about it: you can hide practically anything, and you can even create your own map with a list of tips. You can also make it more fun by adding to your agenda for the day more adventurous Easter-themed games, playing Easter bingo, or creating a garden with magical jelly beans.

Whatever you choose for the day and regardless of whether or not you will actually go through with everything planned, focus on honoring the traditions and cherishing the moments with your family, for these are the most important aspects of Easter and the biggest treasures you can ever find.

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