The Importance of Having a Part Time Job

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It’s an undeniable fact that having a part time job is a common aspect in the life of a college student. I mean, how else do you expect to afford those expensive textbooks, pay rent, and also have some money on the side for Saturday night outs? Part time jobs can be on or off campus, and you can earn as much as $15 per hour, depending on the job of course. But a decent salary isn’t all that a part time job is good for. Studies have shown that students who hold part time jobs while in college tend to have better grades, and with better grades, coupled with a handful of internships, they were likely to find jobs within six months after graduation! There are many ways in which having a part time job can help you not only improve your college experience but prepare you for what lies ahead after graduation, and here’s how!

Gain work experience

Sure, in college we have the opportunity to learn skills that are required for a certain job we want to get in the future, but, in most cases, these skills are purely theoretical. In order to be considered qualifiable for a particular job we need to have not only theoretical skills but practical ones as well, and where else to get them if not by working an actual job?

Let’s say you’re studying a course where your future career will be most likely spent in an office, try applying for jobs like office assistant, or secretary. Such jobs will help you build your resume outside of college experience and show your future employers that you have actual work experience.

Time management skills

Having a part-time job allows for better time managing skills — it’s all about efficient work-study balance. Students who work part-time jobs develop the ability to carefully maneuver their time in order to fit in their job together with school work, social events, and some personal time. This will help you to organize and prioritize your life while also teaching you to be flexible. It also motivates students to get work done early and on time.


One of the biggest pros of having a part time job is that you get to meet people who might have a tremendous impact on your future personal development. By working in a team or staff, you have the opportunity to make positive impressions on these people who can make a difference when you eventually apply for your dream job in the future. When the time comes to look for a job and you’re asked for recommendations from previous work places, having a part time job helps you build a list of people who can vouch for you outside of academics. Not to mention you also get to acquire disciplinary work ethics from working with your colleagues and manager. And who knows, maybe in the future one of them might put in a good word for you and help you secure an interview for a job you always wanted.

Secondary skills

Whether it’s brewing coffee or working as a personal assistant, having a part time job helps you acquire both major and minor skills that can be applicable throughout your young adult life. These skills may vary from being able to work under pressure, handling confidential information, managing a team schedule, organizing team projects, and more. These skills may, eventually, turn out to be of great benefit to your future career.

Last but not least, money-making

I mean, who doesn’t like some extra cash? Not everyone comes from a wealthy family and there are a lot of college students who complain about their financial situation.  And why wouldn’t they, especially when the tuition fees and cost of textbooks are growing at a considerably high rate? Having a part-time job might not only help cover some part of our study expenses but also leave us with some extra cash that is bound to come in handy.

So whether you’re starting college this September or you’re close to rounding up your degree, keep in mind that you can definitely benefit from having a part-time job while studying. If you’re interested in finding a part-time job that might just be right for you, then check out this link on the Best Part-Time Jobs for college students.

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