The Best Selling Textbook Subjects: Top Buyback Products

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best selling textbook subjects

If you’re interested in book scouting or reselling textbooks for profit, it might be useful for you to know what subjects are the most popular and can bring you the most cash. BooksRun experts have worked on the statistics and now can tell you what books on what topics are the most liquid and keep high buyback prices.

Books on accountingmicroeconomicsmanagement, and organizational behavior have gained immense popularity in recent years and remain to be so. You can scan the barcode with our app and see the buyback quote for any textbook you want. For the best prices on textbooks, visit our Top Deals page.

Psychology and sociology textbooks are another frequently bought and sold back category. Race and gender issues continue to agitate the minds of the generation, so you can win on the resale of used sociology textbooks. 

The ubiquitous Campbell’s Biology in different editions and other essential textbooks in biology are frequent subjects of resale on BooksRun and many other places. Millions of students take anatomy and physiology courses every year, and all of them need their copies. Sometimes the difference between the prices of these textbooks is enough for you to earn a good profit. 

Last but not least, the art of public speaking and the basics of human communication are subjects that will be indispensable for most careers and colleges, so at the right time, these books sell incredibly well. 

Now you know the most popular textbooks, so feel free to resell them and earn money! Our barcode scanner app for Android and iOS will facilitate you with the task of quoting many books at once and determining the ones you would want to sell.

You can always contact our support and ask any questions about the apps and textbook buyback on!

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