The 10 Most Popular Books Right Now

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We’ve rounded up the 10 most popular books recently featured in top lists and praised in various reviews. The books are from different genres, from poetry to non-fiction, but each of them is an exciting read. 

The 10 Most Popular Books Right Now 2

The Hurting Kind

By Ada Limón

We’ll start with poetry. An unusual choice, isn’t it? Yet, wait until you read this collection of poems about interconnectedness—between the human and nonhuman, ancestors and ourselves—from National Book Critics Circle Award winner and National Book Award finalist Ada Limón. If this summer, for a change, you’re longing for something deeply emphatic and intimate and want to truly understand the nature of change in people and creatures, we recommend joining Ada Limón’s journey into the mysteries of life.

The 10 Most Popular Books Right Now 3
Young Mungo
By Douglas Stuart
Sea of Tranquility
By Emily St. John Mandel
The Last Resort
By Sarah Stodola
Not an easy read, Young Mungo, the second book from this author is a story set in post-industrial Glasgow in the 1990s. It’s a story of Mungo, who is a Protestant, and James, who is a Catholic. Instead of becoming enemies for all sorts of reasons, they become best friends and fall in love. A dangerous scenario for the ultra-masculine Glaswegian environment where they live. Brutal and tender, filled with vivid characters, heart-breaking dilemmas, and brilliant dialogues, the book refuses to let go until you turn the last page.Get ready to travel from Vancouver Island in 1912 to a dark colony on the moon in 2203 and later—to 2401. The book is a story of humanity across centuries and space; it’s also a story that questions the nature of time. Its scenes involving life in 25th-century pandemic quarantine look somewhat familiar. Sea of Tranquility has been described as “Even more boldly imagined than Station Eleven” by Kirkus reviews (the previous Emily St. John Mandel’s book), and we think you should give it a try whether you like futuristic and slightly dystopian novels or not.When we think of vacation and travel, the beach comes first to our mind. The author of The Last Resort takes a critical look at this modern concept—a paradise that has little to do with nature but a lot with entertainment. You can go on this reconstructing trip together with Sarah Stodiola, who sets to understand how the attitude to the beach has been changing over time—from the Greeks and Romans who loved the seas to the Europeans of the Middle Ages who never went to the beach to the 1800s when the beach was reinstated again as a place for fun and recreation.
The 10 Most Popular Books Right Now 4

Book Lovers
By Emily Henry
It Ends with Us
By Colleen Hoover
The Midnight Library
By Matt Haig
If you are considering a romantic read for the summer, we have a recommendation for you: Book Lovers. Meet Nora—she’s a successful literary agent brought to a small town for a vacation by the wish of her little sister; then, meet Charlie—a grumpy editor she knows all too well from their mutual working field. While the animosity turns into attraction, both Nora and Charlie have to tackle complex familial challenges. It’s a multilayered story that we are sure you’ll like exceedingly.We just can’t ignore the book that everyone can’t stop talking about. While everyone is expecting a prequel to It Ends with Us by October, we strongly encourage you to read this contemporary romance novel if you haven’t done it already. Rest assured that you’ll be swept away by the story of Lily and Ryle…and Atlas. After all, we love reading about love triangles, and this one is particularly edgy and reveals how those who love us can also hurt us.Here is the story about Nora Seed, who is deeply unhappy with her life, feels stuck, and is desperate about the choices she made. After an attempt to commit suicide, she finds herself in a mysterious library where every book can transfer her to a new parallel world, showing her the endless number of possible life scenarios. Many of us know a thing or two about regret, and we are sure that The Midnight Library will resonate with many readers. We are also positive that you’ll be curious to know what path Nora will choose to be happy.
The 10 Most Popular Books Right Now 5
Birds Art Life
A Year Of Observation
By Kyo Maclear
Imagine a City: A Pilot’s Journey Across the Urban World
By Mark Vanhoenacker
By Jon Raymond
What’s the last time you paid attention to the birds? Do you ever notice them around? Kyo Macler’s book—Birds Art Life—is not exactly fresh from print (and probably not exactly about birds) but we’d like to mention it on our list, as it’s a great guide to those who feel slightly stuck in life. You will follow the author and her guide on a big-city adventure, chasing after birds in Toronto, contemplating the nature of creativity, and seeking ways to live a meaningful life. A very meditative read we highly recommend if you’ve already tried watching butterflies, bees, or plants to no avail. Give it a try with the birds.This travelogue from a commercial airline pilot Mark Vanhoenacker will take you on a trip to the cities—both real and imaginary—he has come to know and love, as well as to his hometown. You’ll get a glimpse of the places he flew to and grew to love through different lenses. While there are plenty of books describing similar experiences, we recommend Imagine a City because it’s a very intimate and deeply emphatic narrative with a focus on detail. And if you, like us, have already missed the chance to become a pilot of the Boeing 787 Dreamline and create such experiences yourself, you can still accompany the author on his journeys with no less pleasure.If you think about it, any book about climate change can’t be called futuristic, even if it’s set in 2052. By this time, most worst-case predictions have already come true: wildfires, floods, droughts, cyclones, etc. By this time, many oil executives and lobbyists are convicted of crimes against the environment. Yet, a few managed to escape and now live in hiding. One of them is Robert Cave. He’s being approached by a journalist Jack Henry who wants to expose the fugitive but becomes friends with him instead—quite unexpectedly—and is now torn about what to do next. Denial is about the dying planet, but it’s even more about the moral side of our choices—it makes us question how we live now.

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