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Everyone knows how hard it can be to prepare for exams in subjects where a lot of memorization is required. We all remember those kids at school who would dedicate all their time to studying. Can you recall their nicknames as well? Book worms! They would usually succeed better than anyone else in the class in those subjects that required a lot of reading! Many people believed that these kids had superior talents to other classmates, but they could not have been more mistaken.

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As a regular student most of the time you are in the position when you need money to cover up your running costs at the college or to save up some money for vacation traveling. One of the simplest options to earn extra cash available to you as a student is to sell your textbooks to marketplaces and buyback companies. Now it is quite a popular service and a lot of students have heard about it.

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It’s not such a big secret that publishers keep making new editions of popular textbook titles every single year, but apparently, some books never go out of fashion as they keep holding the top places in our sales rankings. Most of them are required basics in such courses as Anatomy & Physiology, Sociology, Calculus, etc., and serve as an introduction to the world of other specialized subjects.

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