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Are you moving away from New York but have too many books to take with you? Being an avid reader, you’ve been collecting them for years (from college, to be precise), and just leaving them behind or throwing them away feels wrong and unreasonable. What to do? Sell them right here and now to used bookstores NYC!

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It is the beginning of autumn! It’s the time for freshmen students to buy textbooks, learn about new dorm roommates, and simply get ready for college. Everyone facing this new experience does not really know what to expect. In order to make these years more memorable, you can engage in many activities which can expand your horizons and make your life more fun. You also should get ready to refute some of the myths about what it means to be a college student… And last but not least—how can one handle all that college homework and preserve your mental health? Let’s have a look at these tips prepared for you by BooksRun below!

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Once you are back in college, there is a wide choice of activities lying in front of you. Some students prefer to use their time for getting organised, and some perceive it as an opportunity to learn something new. Regardless of what you choose to do during early autumn days, BooksRun has selected a few interesting college tips that we consider to be useful for every student out there after summer vacation.

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