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National Compliment Day is getting closer! Again and again, we try to figure out what are the benefits of giving compliments. You might think it is an outdated social convention or insincere flattering. Others feel that kind words are a beautiful way to make someone smile but still wonder how to give a compliment. Scientists claim that giving and receiving compliments makes us feel better because the power of giving compliments is great. Who is right? Let’s explore the science behind compliments!

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Educational podcasts have rightfully conquered the niche of edutainment, perfectly combining our urges to learn and to spend time meaningfully. Podcasts are now your best partner for commuting or doing household chores, but why not use them to upgrade your knowledge of college subjects or learn something completely different? To spare your time on swimming in the sea of exciting podcasts, we have made a list of best lifestyle and educational podcasts that can spur on your curiosity and boost your academic performance — in humanities and in STEM subjects.  

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