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Are you familiar with the situation when you spend hours searching for a notebook that matches your needs? We certainly are! Anyone can go crazy from the number of different notebooks—all those various colors, paper types, sizes… Lucky for our blog readers, BooksRun is going to add brand new notebooks in stock. It is important for us to know your preferences, so we made a list of the most popular notebook types—now you can choose your favorite! It’s totally up to you to decide what kind of notebook would be a perfect match for your needs.

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Black Friday is coming, and, of course, the best idea on such a day is to find excellent deals and nice bargains on stuff that you have been dreaming of purchasing for a long time but could not afford because of biting prices. Tom the Bookworm has prepared many useful tips on how to get the most out of Black Friday. Let’s hit the big time together with some tricks of ours:

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