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The faster the tempo of our lives is, the more unbearable waiting becomes. Is a friend late for three minutes? Is your flight delayed by half an hour? Is a package delivery late? Some of us are getting so anxious in these situations — one would easily set the world on fire. However, long waiting times and shipment delays are inevitable in this world. Especially now, when the postal system is affected by the COVID crisis, political struggles, and other critical developments. Unfortunately, delivery problems have affected BooksRun as well — how frustrating and tedious are those extended waiting times for a textbook you need so much… However, waiting for a package might not be such an annoying thing. Here we’ve picked 10 productive and fun activities you can enjoy while your textbooks are on their way to you! 

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Have you wondered how textbooks appear at your doorstep? We would like to take the credit for all the hard work, but we cannot! BooksRun relies on several postal services to ship textbooks you’ve bought or rented. We process and prepare an order in our storage facilities, and then we hand it to a delivery company. These postal companies make sure that our textbook services are available to everyone across the country.

However, in recent weeks and months, we have all faced a nationwide problem of constant postal delays, no matter what company one uses (USPS, UPS, FedEx, and so on). It is a systemic failure that was only worsened by the ongoing pandemic crisis. Both customers and businesses who relied on delivery services are affected by this problem.

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