10 Best Selling College Textbooks for 2019

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BooksRun aims to save American students’ money with an option to purchase used textbooks for their studies and sell them to us later. We monitor carefully the most popular college textbooks of the year so that our students start their textbooks’ search as early as possible, and they have their books at hand before the start of the semester. With millions of books in stock, it has never been an easy task to establish top-selling textbooks! Nevertheless, we always try to do it to reveal the books that might be hard to find this year so make sure you start your book hunting process ASAP! 

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No need in books – cash them out: Top 9 Textbooks for Buyback in July

Once the semester is over, students start to look forward to relaxing days at home without ever-lasting classes and heavy home assignments to complete for credits. However, those sunny days may be aggravated only by a glimpse of heavy loads of textbooks that need sorting out before going on deserved holidays. The resolution may well be quite simple and, what is more important, quite useful: no need in books any more – cash them simply out! Why not combine pleasant things with rational ones!? For that reason, let’s have a brief look at top 9 textbooks for buyback in our chart that may bring not tons of money, of course, but at least may make your wallet or purse be stuffed with green banknotes!



Sell ISBN-13: 9780393935844
Author: Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein
Category: Writing
The students’ feedback upon that book is so positive that it sells like hot pies either. The item definitely will find its future buyer after selling back as this book demystifies rhetorical moves, tricks of the trade that many students may be unaware of as one user said. That is why it is so popular. Continue reading “No need in books – cash them out: Top 9 Textbooks for Buyback in July”