Discover 5 Famous Teachers who Made a Difference

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Can you think of any famous teachers and educators? Although these professionals and thinkers often remain behind the scenes, their input deserves our attention since education is essential for society and for our well-being. Many famous teachers stand behind multiple educational theories applied in modern schools, colleges, and qualification courses. These educators fought for making education an adjustable, democratic, and respectful environment, open for all learners. For this article, we have chosen five notable educators from different countries — we will follow their professional paths and get to know their educational theories. Although formulated a century ago, these ideas are crucial for our contemporary understanding of learning.

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BooksRun $1000 scholarship winner

BooksRun $1000 scholarship winner 1

Hi there, it’s Tom! I am glad to announce the winner of our scholarship contest.  It was difficult to choose out of 127 wonderful essays, but we did it.

We congratulate Carol Tally, the student of the Massasoit Community College for winning the $1000 scholarship.  You can read a part of her story below.

Dear BooksRun Scholarship Committee:

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the BooksRun scholarship.

Returning to college in my mid-fifties started out as an intimidating experience but I realized with resources such as BooksRun, the journey was going to be possible. My college-age children shared their experiences, introduced me to ISBN and navigated around with me. This was an amazing introduction and surpassed my experience of standing in a long bookstore line to learn the book just sold out or is selling at a higher than usual mark-up.  Continue reading “BooksRun $1000 scholarship winner”


Booksrun scholarship

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