10 Ways E-Textbooks Become Your Best Study Partners

If you consider yourself a person who prefers traditional means of studying with a pencil and a textbook, then this article is for you! We know so many people who say that they do not like reading texts from computer screens and they need to underline the text to make sure they follow the idea they are reading about. Have you heard of e-textbooks before? If you have, are you still hesitant to try them? You are not alone. A lot of people tend to think that e-textbooks are simply pdf versions of the printed textbooks. In fact, it is not like that anymore. Nowadays, such e-books are designed with numerous collaboration tools, built-in study aids and note-sharing capabilities. There are even such interactive features as quick search and definition look-up which turn e-textbooks into extremely useful study partners you can have on your side. Such additional benefits as lightweight mobility and lower prices make them particularly attractive from a buyer’s point of view, of course. 

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It’s necessary to point out that one cannot but reckon that the popularity of reading is decreasing nowadays as the elderly like natural judges of up-to-date youth frequently observe situations when teenagers and young people as well as modern adults are stuffed with technological devices and gadgets that weigh up their pockets. According to their stance, carrying a book has become a modern zest that puzzles if noticed. Nevertheless, books (or reading in general) seem to have felt the second breath with the advancement of technological progress and advent of e-books, e-readers, smartphones and tablets. But what is better: paper or electronic textbooks? Let’s consider this issue closer from the perspective of its pros and cons as each medal has both sides as well as this debate proves to be never ending.