It’s necessary to point out that one cannot but reckon that the popularity of reading is decreasing nowadays as the elderly like natural judges of up-to-date youth frequently observe situations when teenagers and young people as well as modern adults are stuffed with technological devices and gadgets that weigh up their pockets. According to their stance, carrying a book has become a modern zest that puzzles if noticed. Nevertheless, books (or reading in general) seem to have felt the second breath with the advancement of technological progress and advent of e-books, e-readers, smartphones and tablets. But what is better: paper or electronic textbooks? Let’s consider this issue closer from the perspective of its pros and cons as each medal has both sides as well as this debate proves to be never ending.

As for paper textbooks, psychological effect on readers still plays its crucial role: touching, feeling, smelling old pages of a book arise nostalgic ideas and bring emotional satisfaction and relief after a long hard and tiring day. Book lovers are eager to collect books on huge shelves just to prolong their feeling that help make dreams alive in their minds with the help of paper. In contrast, recently books have become quite expensive to purchase and youth prefers to spend money on modern gimmicks rather than pay attention to old-fashioned habits. Moreover, a dozen books can be quite a burden to carry as the weight of a handbag may considerably differ without books at all that influences our physical health either. What is more essential, paper textbooks are easier to spoil while combining this pleasure with more tempting ones like eating and drinking. Plus, there is an expiry date on the quality of the paper in a book.

What concerns e-textbooks, this format can’t leave us impartial to its excessive usage in the modern world due to the following factors: first, books of all genres can be easily and freely downloaded from the Net. Second, the format of an e-textbook may be adjusted according to your needs and desires, for example, you may change the backlighting, background of the application of even the size of its font in case of any eyesight problems, thus, it may be suitable to all people of all ages. Having downloaded a number of books may also provide you with a perfect chance to create your personal library just in one small pocket. And again, no one excludes one important psychological impact on readers that you can hide your preferences of reading as the cover of the book you are looking through in a public place can’t be discovered or identified by strangers and passers-by while it can be easily revealed with an ordinary paper format. But we can’t rely completely on gadgets as they tend to break down at the most inappropriate moment. Modern applications doesn’t sometimes support our preferred format of an e-book and, what is more, eyesight may become poorer and poorer if we stuck in phones and tablets for long.

To sum up, it’s up to an individual to choose whether to follow the technological progress or support and struggle for the revival of old habits, but from my point of view, each generation will always find its own gadgets that will only make our old habits modernized, improved and innovative. Progress only makes us more intelligent and active in transforming those habits, it’s only a question of individual priorities.