News about BooksRun Sustainability Principles and Green Initiatives

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BooksRun is a company whose mission is to make our world, education, and learning culture more sustainable. We care about sustainability of our operations and also encourage this eco-friendly approach among you, our friends, and our customers!  Here, we’ll unpack all the sustainability principles that drive our company. Join us, and let’s go green together!

We Give Books a Second Chance 

That’s what we do—provide college students (and not only) with a friendly service to buy used books, rent, and sell them back. In 2006, 4.15 billion books were produced, and only 3.09 were sold—you can guess what happened to the rest, and this trend is still there.  

Moreover, publishing is not the most sustainable industry (yet) since it involves many resources, with water and timber being just the most obvious. Instead of contributing to this vicious cycle of overproducing and discharging books, we suggest you reuse them.

We Recycle Damaged Books and Packaging

Unfortunately, books don’t live forever, and they often get damaged. What can one do with old textbooks? BooksRun carefully recycles these books, also donating when possible. We haven’t forgotten about the packaging! All the boxes you send to us when returning rented books or shipping books for sale are recycled! 

We Use Eco-Friendly Packaging 

When we are shipping rented or bought books to you, we use only green packaging, meaning those that are made out of recycled or recyclable materials. These are paper fillings instead of plastic, paper tape, and cardboard boxes made out of recycled fiber.

And you can do the same! Whenever shipping books to BooksRun, use these simple tips about sustainable packaging. Check our post on how to make packaging eco-friendly! 

News about BooksRun Sustainability Principles and Green Initiatives 1

We Spread the Word about Sustainability 

We believe it’s within our power to change everyday behavior and support green initiatives. We also think it is essential to spread the word about these opportunities! All our sustainable blog posts are in the “Go Green” category—check it regularly! 

Have a look at our recent blog posts about the green college. It gives you a doable action plan for making your college more sustainable. Just what you need to prepare for the coming academic year!

Follow us on FaceBook: we regularly share tips on how to stay green in your daily life.

We Plant Trees! BooksRun Loyalty Program  

Our Loyalty Program is an initiative we are most proud of! Anyone can join this program—just sign up for it with a few clicks on our website. 

For every book you sell, rent, or buy with BooksRun, you will earn green points. You can do many things with them—pick an eco-friendly gift, like a solar power charger or a fruit infuser water bottle, or select branded items made of recycled materials. And you can also PLANT REAL TREES! 

We’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted for this project. Check their blog and mission statement to learn more about this initiative that you, as our customer, can support without much effort. 

You can help us stop deforestation by planting trees with your points received in our Loyalty Program. For every 200 points you’ve gotten from buying or renting books with BooksRun (that you need anyway for your classes), you can plant five trees! 

Our customers have already planted 8,000 trees! Together we can plant a forest! 

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