Maintaining Your Creativity While in College

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Sure, being a college student isn’t one of the easiest things in the world. It’s definitely not like what we see in the movies, and it’s definitely not like high school. Even though we’re given the opportunity to create our own schedule, i.e choose which classes we want to take and at what time of the day, it doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed enough free time. We are tasked with keeping up with college homework, engaging in extracurricular activities, upholding our social life, trying to have a balanced diet, and attempting to have a consistent sleep schedule. Having all of this in mind, it would seem highly impossible to fit some kind of hobby or any creative activity into the list. But that’s not true.

First, we need to understand why creativity is important in our everyday life. Creativity makes life infinitely interesting and more fulfilling. It helps us think differently, solve problems in new ways, and broaden our perspectives. Without creativity, it’s safe to say that mankind wouldn’t have accomplished a majority of the things we see today that make life more bearable. Every human is born creative – it’s not something: one is gifted with or not gifted with, neither is something we acquire with time. We already have it, the question lies only in developing it.

As a college student, we are bombarded with various tasks to the point that we even forget the most important thing of all – looking out for ourselves. Not just health-wise but in a mental sense as well. Imagine if every day the only thing we thought about was study – eat – sleep – repeat; I don’t know about you but that seems more like the life of a robot to me. That’s why we need to squeeze creativity into the cycle. It just might help to brighten our view of the world.

Reading as a hobby

If we take the mind as a vital muscle that needs exercise then reading can be seen as an exercise that helps develop the mind. There are countless books available especially for college students, all we have to do is find the right one that’s interesting for us. How are we going to know which books in particular interest us if we don’t give reading a try in the first place? Check the reading lists of people you admire (like Bill Gates) or start with the best non-fiction books!

By reading we discover new things, our imagination begins to develop as well as our creative side. We also improve our vocabulary, enhance our reading skills, improve spelling, etc. The list goes on. If we can dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes of our time just to read, then before we know it develops into a habit and we find ourselves dedicating even more time to it. But before you’re quick to judge and think that reading is boring or “not your kind of thing”, just give it a try first. Who knows, you might like it. If you’re worried about relatively high prices for books, try to buy them on BooksRun (we have delicious prices!) or opt for an ebook that is usually cheaper.

Go out more

And no, we’re not talking about going to clubs, parties, arcades, and the like (neither am I saying it’s bad to go to such places). These sorts of activities are made to provide only amusement. Amusement comes from two words; “a” meaning “non” and “muse” meaning “think”. Amusement is obtained from non-thinking activities. Going to a park for example or camping – these are the kinds of activities that help us get in touch with our surroundings and studies show that being in the midst of nature helps facilitate our thinking process. Many artists get their inspiration from nature. All you have to do is just go out, go for a walk in the park, go biking, camping, go to the beach, etc. This will help you to not only boost your creativity but also appreciate your surroundings.

Meet new people

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It’s completely normal to have a core group of friends that you tend to spend time with in college, but hanging out with just one peer group throughout your college life won’t really help boost your creative thinking. Studies show that creativity, innovation, and better decision making is enhanced by the diversity of thought. There are millions of people around you, each having a story to tell, and all you have to do is just listen. With every interaction we have with people, we gain something from them. Sometimes we get too comfortable in our world and are afraid to leave our comfort zone, but there’s really nothing scary about getting acquainted with new people. It’s good to hear differences in opinions and other perspectives. When you meet new people, you come alive with new ideas that get you pumped up about your life. Plus, it’s always great to make new friends!

Don’t forget to stay positive!

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Life is hard enough as it is. As college students, it could be hard to keep a smile on our faces especially as we worry about keeping up with our studies, projects, exams, etc. Try to focus on things that make you happy. Take a break once in a while and participate in a fun, relaxing activity. Go to the movies, watch your favorite show, drink delicious coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Find pleasure in the little things that count and before you know it you’ll start to see the positive side of life.

Creativity can serve as a means of getting our minds off the hassles of college life. It could turn out to be an indulging activity that we dedicate our time to, which in turn would help us to develop mentally and physically. Creativity is what we need to make life a bit more bearable. And always remember, great ideas come from unexpected places.