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A lot of science students (and not only) often complain about why they have literature added to their curriculum, especially considering the fact that it has absolutely nothing to do with their major. They may see it as a waste of time or additional workload with no benefits in the future. This is completely understandable from their point of view, but if we were to look at it from an entirely different angle perhaps we could ease our mindset into seeing the importance of literature in our everyday lives.

What’s so cool about Literature?

 Literature is a form of art that happens to be an important aspect of human nature. In one of Leo Tolstoy’s not so very famous novels called “What is Art”, he explains that due to man’s ability of expressing thoughts by words, he acknowledges the achievement of humanity from generations before and understands their thoughts, and thanks to this ability he is also able to share his thoughts and ideas assimilated from them or formed by himself with the future generations to come. Leo went on to say in his book “…thanks to man’s capacity to be infected with the feelings of others by means of art, all that is being lived through by his contemporaries is experienced by men thousands of years ago, and he also has the possibility of transmitting his own feelings to others.”

Art is a form of speech, and literature is just a branch of it. Literature develops in us the capacity to feel, to empathize with fictional characters and their fictional dilemma. Through literature, we are able to live through a numerous amount of life situations or experiences, some that we may not even have the chance to experience in real life or in the nearest future. We don’t only experience them, but also learn from these experiences. Through these experiences, we learn more about the human nature, our tendencies, fears, and capabilities.

Literature is a gateway to the human mind. For writers, they use it as a means of expressing themselves deeply, sharing their thoughts across the world with the hopes that at least someone can relate or understand. As for readers, it serves as a means of finding oneself. On a more sentimental note, some people find out that they share the same ideas or worldviews of a particular writer or poet and this, in turn, makes them not feel alone.

 Why is Literature important for students?

It’s important to stress the need for literature in a student’s life. Almost every day students are burdened with extra school work, projects or home assignments, and with this comes the anxiety or fear of not being able to complete them successfully or submit them before the deadline. This, in turn, adds additional stress to a student’s life. Reading literature, however, helps them relax and take the weight off their shoulders even if for a brief moment. Being that reading literature is also part of school work, you’re technically taking time off to relax your mind and at the same time doing school work. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

One of the reasons why students don’t find literature interesting or useful is probably because they are reading the wrong type of literature. Literature is a vast body of written works with uncountable genres and categories that are significantly different from one another and you have to search in order to find the one that suits you best. Another thing that could be the cause of the negative attitude towards literature is the fact that students have to spend a certain amount of money buying countless of literature books or novels, most of which may end up just taking up space in their shelves. That’s why we at listed below top 10 sites where you can download literature legally and for free! In these sites, you can find genres that range from classical literature to fiction, autobiographies and lots more.


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