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College is expensive; it’s not news. That’s why many students choose to save money as much as possible and often rent textbooks instead of buying them. However, the rule of frugal renting is not to forget about the deadlines and, once the semester is over, return your textbooks to the bookstore in due time.

This article highlights the steps you need to take when the deadline to return your rentals approaches and you are unsure what to do. Here is all you need to know about the BooksRun rental return process.

What to Remember about Rentals

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Rentals Have a Return Date

Most colleges and universities have their semesters begin and end relatively on the same dates; therefore, online bookstores and rental companies align their rentals with those dates. Most of them usually set return dates after the semester ends. With BooksRun, however, you can choose to rent your textbooks for 35, 60, 90, and 113 days depending on the season. You can also extend your rental for 15 days (multiple times).

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The rental period starts from the date of order placement. Nonetheless, regardless of the rental term, keep the return date in mind and write it down somewhere and put a reminder (on your phone, calendar, or planner).

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You Get Notifications about Your Rental

We help you remember about the rental by sending you notifications, texts, and emails. You can expect a whole bunch of emails from us: a purchase email, an email about the rental shipment, a delivery email, a deadline reminder email (10 days prior to the deadline), a rental extension email, and a reminder of the rental deadline before purchase (10 after extension and 5 days before the deadline). With that much attention, you will definitely remember the due date.

You Should Return the Rental in the Initial Condition

Another important thing to remember about a rental is that you should return it in its initial condition. Renting a book is not the same thing as purchasing it for good; therefore, you should not make highlights, write notes, fold pages, or do anything else that damages the book and deteriorates its state. All rented books are examined upon return. If any problems occur during the inspection and the book is deemed to be unusable any longer, a purchase price will be charged. 

How to Return Your Rented Books

  1. Go to the Return rental page and enter your Order number.
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  1. Now, you will be able to see the rental order. If you log in, you will be able to find your rental order in your account.
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  1. The next step is to print out a free return shipping label that you see on the rental order page. The return label becomes available 25 days after order placement. 
Important Note: You should use a prepaid return shipping label within 25 days you have clicked the button “Print free return label.” If you do it in advance, the shipping label will become unavailable in 25 days, and you will have to cover the shipping yourself.
  1. Once you’ve printed the label and packed it, ship the book back to us for free.

Late Returns

You can see the deadline for your rental in your account. It will be displayed as “Return by MM/DD/YYYY” in red. You can extend your period for 15 days:

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Important Note: If you don’t ship and return the rental in time, you’ll be automatically charged an extension fee. If the item is not returned until the second deadline after 15 days extension, the purchase price will be charged. In the following step, your account will be sent to the collection agency.

Is the Return Shipping Free?

Yes, return shipping is free, and you can find a free return shipping label inside your rental order on the BooksRun website.

Can I Get a Refund?

We only refund you for the items you initially purchased; therefore, rentals are not refunded.

Can I Buy the Rented Textbooks?

Surely! If you don’t want to return the textbook you rented at the beginning of the semester because you may need it in the future, you can purchase it. You can make the purchase on your rental order page:

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The Bottom Line

BooksRun is always eager to help students with everything textbook-related, be it getting new books for the semester, selling your old books, or renting books at affordable prices. As you can see, returning rental books to BooksRun is easy. There are just a few steps, and they are so simple! All you have to do is remember the deadline. To return your rental, go to the Return rental page and follow the instructions given in this article!

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