How to Implement the Reading Practice in Your Everyday Routine?

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What do billionaires Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, and Oprah Winfrey, among others, have in common? Yes, they’re billionaires. But other than money, these billionaires have one thing in common: they all read books daily. In fact, every billionaire in America says that reading books is the key to their success.

This is a guest post by Vanya Walker

Unfortunately, many of us don’t read books, and even the thought of reading something sounds old-fashioned or even boring. If that’s your case, don’t worry. You’re not alone: there’re millions of people like you in America and elsewhere in the world. 

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss in detail, how to implement the reading practice in your everyday routine. Let’s start by comprehending the reasons why you should read daily.

Benefits of Reading Daily

There’re countless benefits of reading daily. And all of these benefits would surely tempt you to implement the reading habit in your daily life. Reading any kind of book increases knowledge, may help develop personality, and enhance language skills. In fact, you could prevent certain major illnesses by reading books.

  • Reading improves your vocabulary.
  • You learn a lot of new things when you read books based on facts or fiction.
  • Daily reading habits can prevent major illnesses when you age, such as dementia or loss of memory and also Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Reading sharpens your memory power.
  • And reading is known to get rid of depression.
  • Your general knowledge increases when you read.
  • Reading books is a form of continuing yet informal education.
  • You can get good sleep if you read a book every night before bedtime.

As you can see, there’re eight distinct and superb benefits of reading books. Therefore, I would encourage you to take up the reading practice daily and make it part of your routine.

How to Implement Reading Practice in Everyday Routine?

Since you’ve read about the various superb benefits of the reading habit, let’s discuss ways and means to make them your everyday routine. These tips would definitely help you to start reading and continue the wonderful practice all your life.

Decide What You Would Love Reading

If you visit any bookstore or library, there’ll be countless books from all genres. Therefore, selecting the type of books you would love to read is very important. You might like fiction or stories based on facts, sci-fi or romance, thrillers, mysteries, spirituality, science, technology, or politics, among other genres of books. As a matter of fact, the choice could be very confusing.

Therefore, select the kind of books you’d like to read. You could either buy them online or from a bookstore. Or you can download their Kindle version from Amazon, which is sometimes free. There’s another way to get good books from Google Books. And then we have book downloads using torrents. You can also borrow books to read from a library or read there.

Select Time to Read

Select the time frame during the day to read. This is a very important step. Some people read before sleeping while others spend some time reading after returning from work. Others read during commutes, while few like to read at libraries because of the quiet ambiance.

However, you can select any time of the day and the way you would like to read. Actually, there’re no hard and fast rules about when to read. That’s because reading relaxes you and relieves stress. Hence, the choice of when to read daily depends on your schedule. Select a time when you would find it convenient and have some quiet time to read.

Start with One Page at a Time

If you’re among those millions of people that wish to start the reading practice in your daily life, start with one page at a time. That’s right. Instead of trying to complete a chapter or even more during your spare time, just take a few minutes off and read a single page. That would encourage you to read more and more, as time passes by.

Most people that read never finish a book from cover to cover in a single day or in one sitting. Instead, they read a few pages daily and continue reading the book over the following days. By doing so, you’re taking out the boredom you could experience while trying to implement the reading practice in your everyday routine.

Start with Short Story Books

Short story books have an advantage over novels and bigger books. You can complete reading a short story within a few minutes and read others at leisure, over the coming days. And since shorter stories tend to be more interesting, you might feel like completing one for the day before putting away the book.

Reading shorter stories helps you to develop your reading habit easily. You won’t get bored since such stories usually are very engrossing. That means you wouldn’t close the book because of your interest in that story. And gradually, this habit trains you subtly to read longer stories and novels.

Follow the 30-90 Days Rule

Now it’s quite likely that you’re unaware of the 30-90 days rule. Therefore, I’ll explain it in detail here. According to psychologists, if you do something every day consistently over a period of 30 days, it forms a habit. You can try this yourself by doing something for a period of 30 days without stopping. And it takes 90 days of doing something for that action to become a part of your lifestyle.

Therefore, read short stories or just a single page for 30 days when you start. You’ll automatically be attracted to read from the 31st day onwards. And if you continue reading for 90 days, it would become a part of your lifestyle. Understandably, there could be times when you cannot read due to other commitments. That’s nothing to worry about because you can always read the next day.

In Conclusion

These five tips and advantages of reading could help you implement reading practice in your everyday routine. Reading is a wonderful hobby and hence, I would encourage you to start reading at the earliest.

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