How to Cope with Stress?

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student coping with stress at college

It doesn’t matter if you’re a college student or someone else; every single one of us sometimes faces really stressful situations, which have unfortunately become a part of our lives. But one should never give up and panic when these situations come, so here is a collection of tricks that are intended to be weapons and help you in the war against stress.

  1. First, take a break. If you have become too nervous and can’t even focus on the task, it’s best that you stop for a while and try to calm down. Continuing the task in a stressful state will most likely turn out to be counterproductive.
  2. Second, stop and breathe. Your mind is likely to make small problems into big ones when you overthink them, so try to throw everything out of your head and just relax for a while.
  3. Make lists. You are more likely to comprehend and treat the problems accordingly if you visualize them. Put the ones that you prioritize on top and the smaller ones underneath. Cross them out every time you accomplish something, and this will fill you with determination and a feeling that you are actually progressing.
  4. Don’t get distracted in the meantime. The distractions might greatly decrease your productivity and make you forget about the final goal.
  5. Finally, get rewarded. Giving yourself small rewards like a trip to the cinema or a piece of your favorite cake is likely to boost your mood after the completion of the task and fight the unpleasant feelings left by stress. 

After all, all the bad situations you’d find yourself in will eventually pass. What’s most important, take care of yourself and remember your goals.

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Iliana K