How to choose the perfect notebook for yourself

Are you familiar with the situation when you spend hours searching for a notebook that matches your needs? We certainly are! Anyone can go crazy from the number of different notebooks — all those various colors, paper types, sizes… Lucky for our blog readers, BooksRun is going to add brand new notebooks in stock. It is important for us to know your preferences, so we made a list of the most popular notebook types — now you can choose your favorite! It’s totally up to you to decide what kind of notebook would be a perfect match for your needs.


Are you fond of handwritten notes, or do you enjoy jotting down your thoughts? Then a notebook with lined pages is your first choice. It is perfectly suitable for your lecture notes or practicing different fonts. This lined notebook can make a perfect gratitude journal as well!


Notebooks with grid paper are essential for people who work with numbers and enjoy precision. Grid pages are a perfect canvas for your calculations, graphs, technical schemes, and designs. Don’t hesitate to choose it for your math class assignments, sales notes, or even budgeting. 


If you have a creative mindset and you like visualizing and mind-mapping all your ideas, then a blank notebook would be a perfect match for you. This kind of notebook has unlimited space for your ideas and their expressions, so you can make doodles, sketches, visual notes, and many more. 


A dotted notebook would suit people who strive for structure, but who also think outside the box. If you have used a bullet journal before, then you understand the advantages of dotted pages.

Another feature of these notebooks is that they come with several organizer/planner pages. For example, these pages can include wish lists, daily goals, contacts, gift ideas, etc. For people who prefer to have everything under one cover,  a dotted notebook would be a great option. 

Now that we’ve told you about four types of notebooks, it’s your turn to choose the one that suits you the best! Your opinion will help us to create perfect notebooks for our readers and add them in stock. Later, you will be able to order these matchless notebooks from our website. Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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