How to Celebrate Thanksgiving on Campus?

celebrating thanksgiving on campus

Going home for Thanksgiving holiday might be just what college students need in order to relax before the tests: a lot of real food, meeting your old friends and family, clean laundry, even showering without flip-flops (which is a luxury for dorm dwellers). However, not everyone can afford such a trip, and there are a few options that can help you make your Thanksgiving enjoyable.

Get invited to a local friend’s house

If you have friends native to your college town or living nearby, chances are that they wouldn’t mind having you with them on their feast. In such a case, you can bring something with you to contribute to the dinner.

Join other people

You’re most likely not the only one who stays at the campus for Thanksgiving. Find some friends (or even make new acquaintances) and plan the dinner. A potluck would be the best way to serve food—just make sure that everyone brings something different, otherwise you would end up with a ton of cranberry sauce.

Campus dinner

Some colleges throw Thanksgiving dinners for their staff, international students, and everyone who stays in the dorms for the holiday. Sometimes students even prefer staying at the campus and participate in a bunch of other community activities instead of going home.

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