Getting Back into College Mode After the Holiday

We all know that holidays don’t last forever. Sooner or later we were bound to take a glance at our calendar and realize that there are just less than two weeks left until the holiday ends. This usually for me is the time that I jam up all the two months of my summer holiday in one week, as a last resort to enjoy the remnants of my holiday just one last time before it comes to an end. This is also the time when the panic and anxiety of realizing I have one week to get back to the same college routine kicks in with full force. Why can’t the summer just last forever?! Well, if you’re like me who has a habit of panicking instead of actually getting your shit together, then I think these tips are exactly what you need to get you back into College mode! 

Adjust your sleep schedule

First and foremost you need to acknowledge the fact that there should be no more late night Netflix streaming. Yup, your Netflix days are pretty much over now. Your only reason for staying up late now should be connected with attempts of pulling an allnighter with your textbooks, although this isn’t totally advisable (I hate allnighters!). Nonetheless, retaining the habit of sleeping in or staying up late is bound to make it quite difficult getting back into your school routine. A healthy sleep schedule is a benefactor to excelling well in college. Try pushing your bedtime to an hour earlier day by day and before you know it you would have eased yourself into a normal sleep cycle!

Get acquainted with your college timetable

Getting familiar with your new timetable lets you know what to expect when the semester begins. That way you save yourself from the exercise of running up and down hallways trying to figure out where the lecture is being held, or looking absolutely clueless during lectures. Keep a calendar where you can fill out what lectures you have on which dates. Get acquainted with the new subjects (if there are any), read up on them or consult the help of seniors who may have also had these classes. It might give you an insight on what to expect before lectures start and that way you won’t be so clueless.

Get in touch with your study group

Yup, you’re definitely gonna need them again. You didn’t delete their numbers now, did you? This is the time to get back with your classmates, college friends, tutors, teachers, and etc. Get together with your study group to discuss the upcoming semester, exchange ideas, review past assignments and just generally get back on track. Always keep in mind that you don’t have to be alone on the journey. Never hesitate to ask for help!

Stock up on textbooks

In such cases, it’s advisable to consult your professors beforehand in order to find out which textbooks or materials you’re gonna need for their classes. By doing this you stand the chance of being one of those early birds that get to purchase the book before it becomes outrageously expensive due to high demand. And of course, this can save you quite a few bucks. Plus, once you have the textbooks or needed materials you can take your time going through it, get yourself acquainted with the necessary topics so that you’ll know what to expect once lectures start. Can’t find the textbook you’re looking for at your local library? Don’t sweat it! Booksrun ( has an unlimited variety of books just waiting to be used and at very decent prices. Glance through our inventory! Don’t waste any time. Summer’s almost over!

Last but not least, just stay positive

I mean, it’s just college, right? It’s not like your whole future entirely depends on it, right? Right?! Okay, scratch that part. But still, going into lectures with a black cloud over your head is not exactly one of the best ways to start the semester. You have to find the good side of everything! Think of reuniting with college friends, making even new friends, gaining new knowledge. Sure, there are some difficulties that come with college, but your chances of overcoming these difficulties lie in your ability to see the bright side in everything. Don’t be a downer. After all, it’s just college!