Finding a book when you don’t know the title or author

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This is an issue a lot of students might have experienced countless of times. It can be really frustrating trying to remember that book you read in your childhood about the kid whose family moved to a new estate and had to fight off magical creatures that all want a journal he found containing info about all the mythical creatures (FWI: The Spiderwick Chronicles), or a particular textbook you came across in high school that perfectly explained the laws of quantum physics. But hey, don’t lose hope on finding that book just yet! There are various ways to help you with your search.


You can ever really underestimate the power of Google. Google is one of the fastest and most reliable search engines on the Internet. You can find absolutely anything there. In 2015 Google launched a separate site called Google Books Library Project which works as a special search engine just for books! It also makes the complete text from all books searchable. When you search for a keyword or phrase in a book, the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) returns basic bibliographic information about the book and relevant snippets of context around the keywords. If a book is out of copyright, you can read and download the whole book. Sometimes publishers even give permission for their books (or portions of them) to be available on Google Books – including popular ones. Here are a few tips when trying to find a book on Google Books;

  • Write down the most memorable thing that’s happened in the book that’s most likely not in any other book.
  • It can also help if you remember a phrase, quote, or a particular paragraph of the book.
  • If it’s a novel, you can try to write down anything you remember from the plot. For example, a book about a man/woman who did such and such/said such and such/went to such and such. You’d be surprised what Google can find with a few keywords.
  • Remembering one or two characters names can also help in your search.

Ask your local librarian

If you still haven’t found that book after trying the methods listed above then you should consider seeking professional help. Head down to the local library to inquire about the book you’re looking for. Librarians come across thousands of books every day for years. Technically they know their way through books and have a lot of experience when dealing with them. Who knows, they may even have it for you to borrow, or could direct you to the location of the exact book you’re looking for.

If up till now you still haven’t found that book, don’t give up yet! Here are some websites that can help you in your search:

  • : Feel free to search in their archives and shelves. There’s also an UNSOLVED section where you can post a detailed description of the book you’re looking for.
  • WorldCat : WorldCat is one of the world’s largest network of library content and services. It lets you search the collection of over 72,000 libraries in over 170 countries and also in your community. There’s also the Advanced Search section with unique filters like Audience and Languages.
  • Library of Congress : Library of Congress collections contain over 162 million books, periodicals, manuscripts, maps, music, recordings, images, and electronic resources. The LC Online Catalog contains 17 million records describing these collections. You can search Catalog records by keyword or browse by authors/creators, subjects, names/titles, series/uniform titles, and call numbers. Browse lists also include searching aids such as cross-references and scope notes. The site also provides a friendly Ask a Librarian form for queries.

2 thoughts on “Finding a book when you don’t know the title or author

  1. A novel series where it starts with a girl tying to find her twin sister who was taken there she meets a man . It os later found that the sister they wanted was her cause of some kind of prophecy. Ot isna romance fantasy paranormal book. i guess where farie world exists

  2. A favourite book of mine 35 years ago
    Two sisters(?) get married. One is grateful for life’s basics.
    One wants the best of everything even though it is beyond her means and she loses it all.
    The poorer sister is the happier of the two.

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