Experiencing Delivery Delays? Here We Explain Why

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Experiencing Delivery Delays? Here We Explain Why 1

Have you wondered how textbooks appear at your doorstep? We would like to take credit for all the hard work, but we cannot! BooksRun relies on several postal services to ship textbooks you’ve bought or rented. We process and prepare an order in our storage facilities, and then we hand it to a delivery company. These postal companies make sure that our textbook services are available to everyone across the country.

However, in recent weeks and months, we have all faced a nationwide problem of constant postal delays, no matter what company one uses (USPS, UPS, FedEx, and so on). It is a systemic failure that was only worsened by the ongoing pandemic crisis. Both customers and businesses who relied on delivery services are affected by this problem.

Can You Do Anything about the Late Delivery? 

Unfortunately, even a fast delivery option cannot guarantee that a package will be delivered on time since a shipping company might not have enough capacity or experience logistics problems. We understand and share your frustration! However, contacting the BooksRun support team won’t speed up the delivery process—we cannot affect the postal operations. The postal system’s country-wide problem is apparent, and it got only worsened by the pandemic and ongoing political struggles.

The only solution at hand is to keep calm and wait until your package is delivered. Do not worry; your textbooks will get there—your order is not canceled, and you won’t lose your money. The delivery can be delayed up to a week or two because of systemic shipment problems. It is also helpful to understand the core of the problem.

What Is the Issue with Postal Service Delays? 

People are experiencing problems getting their food supplies, medication, and other necessary products on time. And textbooks are no exception, of course. These delays are incredibly confusing because now we rely on the postal services more than ever—ordering online is much safer and often cheaper than going to a mall or a bookstore.

While delivery services help us during the pandemics, they are also affected by the crisis: more resources are required from the delivery system to handle the increasing demand, while at the same time, certain precautions are needed to stop the spread of the virus (and now add the pressure of the November elections and financial cuts to the picture).  

These are probably the factors that continue to slow down the delivery capacity of postal companies. On their side, postal services have acknowledged this problem with extended delivery times (though the underlying reasons and the scale of these delays are debatable). The companies try to implement new measures and new logistic solutions to ensure everyone gets their packages on time.

Most probably, the coronavirus is the number one reason for the postal delays you and many other citizens are experiencing. Here is a useful summary of the Covid-19 effect on the postal companies like USPS and FedEx—this will help you understand the scale of the problem.

So far, we all are locked in this situation and can hope for the undertaken measures to be effective and speed up the delivery process. In the end, everybody should get what they need — vital medicine, textbooks, food, or clothing items. On our part, BooksRun keeps true to our values and provides quality services for students and takes care of your safety and wellbeing.

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