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Stephen King books

In our today’s review, we’ll take a look at the best Stephen King books. Some fans may not agree with us. Yet, since tastes differ, we based our review on the list of Stephen King books that our users most frequently bought or sold on BooksRun in 2022. So meet the books that, according to our users, have been in the most demand.

Best Stephen King Books 1
The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and GlassRita Hayworth and the Shawshank RedemptionThe Dead Zone
The Dark Tower is a series of four books, with the last one published in 1997. In Wizard and Glass, Roland, Eddie, Susannah, and Jake survive Blaine the Mono’s final crash and get stranded in an alternate version of Topeka, Kansas, on the way to the Dark Tower. They also have to face the superflu virus. The book focuses a lot on Roland’s teenage years and his relationship with Susan Delgado as well. While some fans may not agree with our choice, this book is definitely popular among Stephen King book lovers, and many of them consider it the best of the series.
Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption is pretty much not what you may expect from Stephen King’s best books: haunted hotels, clowns, super viruses, creepy plots, etc. Yet, the book is immensely popular. It was written in 1982 and is a part of the Different Seasons collection and tells the story of Andy Dufresne, who was convicted of killing his wife and her lover and sent to Shawshank Prison. It already sounds terrifying, isn’t it? Now add the innocence factor and the that he had to spend decades in there with a sadistic warden and prison rapists… The book is subtitled Hope Springs Eternal, and it’s about the hope that keeps you going. Maybe that’s why it’s considered one of the best books by Stephen King and was adapted into one of the most moving films of its time.The Dead Zone was a huge success. It tells the story of Johnny Smith, a teacher who, after having spent four and a half years in a coma caused by a car accident, awakens with psychic abilities (he can see past and future when he touches people). When he meets a politician destined to become president and who apparently may bring all sorts of havoc, Johnny has to decide whether or not he should prevent such a future from happening. The book is very intense; that’s probably why it’s one of Stephen King’s books ranked so highly.
Best Stephen King Books 2

The Green Mile11/22/63The Shining
You’ve definitely heard about The Green Mile or watched its movie adaptation. It’s a famous Stephen King’s prison drama that he issued for six months in installments in 1993, making his fans itch in anticipation. The Green Mile is the story of a black man sentenced to death for the rape and murder of two young girls. John Coffey is an unusual inmate who can heal with his touch. In Cold Mountain Penitentiary, there are all sorts of criminals waiting for their turn to walk “the Green Mile,” the green corridor leading to the electric chair, but this inmate is different. Death row supervisor Paul Edgecombe has definitely seen a lot of inmates in his life, but yet again, this one is different. The series is definitely on the list of the best Stephen King books for all the mastery, suspense, and topics raised.
It took Stephen King four decades to decide on a book about a man who goes back in time to prevent JFK’s assassination before the book finally saw the light in 2011. 11/22/63 features a divorced high school English teacher who finds a portal to 1958 and decides to take on the mission. So, here comes the era of Elvis, large cars and diners, the era that, for some reason, has such an appeal to us even nowadays. The book is huge (more than 800 pages) and heart-stoppingly dramatic, so there is no surprise it’s a favorite among Stephen King’s fans. Some even claim it is Stephen King at his epic best.
That’s probably another book that everyone’s heard of. It was also adapted into a movie in 1980 (edited by Stanley Kubrick and starring Jack Nicholson). It’s probably one of the scariest Stephen King books and a favorite among those who love stories that make your hair stand on end. In The Shining, Jack Torrance takes on a new job at the Overlook Hotel as an off-season caretaker. The initial plan is to spend time writing and reconnecting with his family. Yet, what is it that we know about the best-laid plans? Exactly. With the hotel showing its remote and sinister side, it’s five-year-old Danny Torrance’s turn to face all the horrors. It is a good old-fashioned haunted house story that will never lose its popularity because it won’t ever be overhyped, not in a million years.

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