7 Real Money-Saving Tips for Students


If you are a student and happen to be concerned with a question of saving money (most likely you are), you sure have seen all these vague tips such as “control your spending”. Here, we can give you something more concrete to rely on.

  • Share expenses with friends

Get a bunch of roommates and flatmates (make sure you get along with them first) and split the costs of rent, heating, and even food if you’re willing to share meals. Same goes for all the deals you can find where you can get more for less money—for example, cinema or Netflix account.

Paying the full price for all the textbooks cannot be good for your budget, and getting used books may be the way out. Of course, they might not look as good and fresh as new ones, but what’s the point of spending so much money if you’re going to use the book twice a semester for a short homework problem? BooksRun.com may help you with this. 

  • Budgeting

Talking about budget: it’s not a bad idea to determine all your expenses and write down what goes where. No more “where did all my money go?”—now you know it. Besides, budgeting will help you keep the savings and not instantly blow all the cash casually lying around in your pockets.

  • Dollar stores

You can find the cheapest deals in a dollar store on things such as party supplies, stationery, kitchen utensils and glassware, cleaning products, hair clips, even some brand cosmetics… the list goes on and on.

  • Use student discounts

Plenty of places provide great deals for students that you might even haven’t heard of. There are also discounts from ten up to fifty percent at popular food chains, clothing retailers, bookstores, software providers, theaters and travel agencies.

  • Sell stuff you don’t need

Put the clothes that you haven’t been wearing lately or the books that you haven’t been reading in a box. If you still don’t need them after a while—say, in a couple of months or a year later—then you can easily sell them and get plenty of money.

  • Bring your food

Eating fast food can really drain your wallet, not to mention the fact that it’s not too healthy. Preparing your own snacks such as sandwiches, bananas and nuts and bringing them with you wherever you go will help you decrease your spending on eating out.

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